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"I Was Considered Morbidly Obese"—Kat Ramnani's Weight Loss Journey Will Inspire You To Take Care Of Your Body And Health


Gorgeous bride-to-be and fiancée to singer #ChristianBautista (@xtianbautista), #KatRamnani (@katramnani) is on a second #MetroWeddings digital cover! Get to know more about the woman who helped bring digital music service #Spotify to the Philippines—little did she know back then that the love of her life would be so connected to the art of music, too! Link in our bio for the full story, and find Kat photographed in some of this season’s most romantic wedding gowns by local Filipino designers. • Produced by @kate_paras @gracelibero Photography by @sevenbarrettophoto?Styling by @giancarlolaxamana?Makeup by @missangiecruz of @makeupforeverphilippines ?Hair by @francisguintu for @revlonprofessionalbrandsph Special thanks to Carlo Orosa and Traliccio restaurant located in 7 Guerilla, Sto. Nino, Marikina City Shoot assistant: Cheska Santiago • #Exclusive #Weddings #WeddingGoals #Couple #Engaged #Music #BridalGowns #WeddingGowns #Engagement #Wedding #Bride #Bridal #DreamWedding #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving

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Kat Ramnani, Christian Bautista’s fiancée and the woman (with Globe) who helped bring Spotify to the Philippines, has been inspiring people with her beauty and brains, her huge achievements in the field of Communications Technology, and her amazing weight loss journey.

“I used to be 200 lbs.,” Kat shared during the shoot of her Metro Weddings digital cover. “And with my height of 5’4", I was considered morbidly obese.”


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I was reminded, over the weekend, that this photo (see time stamp) was taken exactly 10 years ago, on my college graduation day. A few things about that realization shocked me. 1. I can't believe I graduated from college 10 years ago, that was a blink of an eye, and I'm getting old. 2. The journey it took to get where I am today, it was an every day fight during the weight-loss with my toughest opponents: my mind, my insecurities, and my desire to give in to temptation. 3. Never to be embarrassed at where you started from. Lots of people tell me they are ashamed of their photos prior to weight loss. I am thankful for the reminder; because, it always encourages me to remember moderation in my every day life, prioritize my health above all, continually look forward, and put my running shoes on to make sure this version of me stays a memory. #weightloss

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Kat started her weight loss journey back in 2007. Much more than its aesthetic factor, it was something she wanted to do to take care of her health more. This journey to a healthier lifestyle began with her cutting out alcohol and choosing to consume healthier meals.

“At first, I didn’t work out or anything,” she said. “Then afterwards, I decided to do portion control in my meals. After six years, I finally became 118 lbs.”

She recalled that at 130 pounds she “hit a plateau." She learned that diets don't always work because they’re not as sustainable, and that she had to really train her body to address her appetite issues.

Once she had her appetite on track and had built the discipline to stick with healthy food choices, her body eventually adjusted to her new lifestyle.


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“Those days, I ate everything, just in moderation,” she shared. “Now, I eat anything I want. But I stay away from processed food. I eat rice and potatoes. If I am going to put it inside my body, it has to be worth it. I have a cheat meal a week. Because a cheat day kind of rolls over into another cheat day. I am a huge sansrival person. I love sylvanas and donuts, too. Your body is gonna crave for things."

When she noticed her appetite shrunk, that’s when she realized she had to complement her diet with a good workout routine. 

“You have to address one issue at a time. So I dealt with my appetite and nutrition first, before allowing my body to work out hard. I’ve learned you do not have to make your body go through a lot of changes at the same time. One issue at a time will do,” she shared.


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Kat eventually saw the fruits of her hard work. She shred off the pounds, but she had to deal with some issues.

“When I lost the weight, a lot of health issues came along with that. My cholesterol was high and so was my sugar. And I had to work very hard for my health,” she shared.

She learned to not underfeed or overfeed her body, as there are going to be side effects for both. She has learned to balance her diet with fitness routines such as doing Pilates twice a week, or doing yoga on the side. She loves running and attends spinning classes with great music, too! Kat is also into surfing and skateboarding.


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“These days I’ve been a huge workout freak. I’ve been this weight for about four years. I workout five days a week,” she said.  

Since she had to work so hard to have her health on track, she came up with the vision of coming up with the technology of allowing people to track their own health status.

“When I lost weight and faced with health problems, a lot of medicines were given to me along the way. Medication is great but it ruins some parts of your organs,” she said.

“What I am mostly doing on the side is taking classes from Harvard online, taking 'Introduction to Robotics' courses. I wanna build the first robotics company in the Philippines. Learning a little bit, I’d really like to get into nano-robotics. My vision with nano-robotics is to eradicate a lot of medication and help eliminate disease before it even happens. I want it to be preventative. It was inspired by my health and mom’s health journey.”



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Kat had been living in California, but she returned to the Philippines in 2012 to take care of her mother who had a stroke.

The tech visionary shared, "What if you have a little robot in your body telling you there are things wrong, before you even know or feel symptoms. Imagine if you could build that for people. You could help people live longer. And that is my dream, a healthier Philippines. I’d love to do that through nano-robotics.”

It seems like nothing is impossible for Kat, who has always had a thing for technology and robotics. “I’d always tinker a lot as kid. I would go to my mom’s office and take some parts of their clock or radio or walkie-talkie and then put the pieces back together. At the time I did not know it was robotics but I was always tinkering with things,” she said.

She noted that her mother has always inspired her passion for technology and robotics. “My mom always instilled in me my love for computers. She brought in my first computer and ensured I learnt the basics of DOS when I was 8 years old. Computers have always been a way for me to express my art.  I’m very techie, into computers, numbers, designing platforms. My art is making the things you don’t see and that make your life easier, that’s my art." she shared.




Having built an amazing career in Communications Technology internationally and then now locally with Globe as the head of Strategy Business Development and Program Management under Content—plus, a wonderful love life to boot—it is easy to see that behind each of these milestones is a woman whose love for her body and health inspires and motivates her to have a life well-lead.

In the end, for those who wish to start on their own weight loss journey, Kat leaves a piece of advice: “It is all about listening  to your body. If you don’t listen to your body, and if you are addressing many issues at the same time, it is going to be too many changes for your body. You have to moderate the changes."


Photograph by Seven Barretto / additional photos from @katramnani