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New Character Alert! Now That Meghan Markle Is The Duchess Of Sussex, Katherine Heigl Joins "Suits"

As Meghan Markle steps out of the set of hit TV series Suits and takes on her new role as the Duchess of Sussex, another character enters the scene to fill in the gap. Suits introduces Samanatha Wheeler, a new partner at Pearson Specter Litt, which will be played by Grey Anatomy's Katherine Heigl.

In the latest teaser on Wednesday, Samantha enters strong with scenes aongside Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Alex (Dulé Hill), and Louis (Rick Hoffman). It seems that Katherine's character is up to make a big impact, described as someone who "will either become the firm’s greatest ally or most powerful enemy.”


The Emmy award-winning actress' addition was announced last January, and she told Variety that she's happy to join a project that she's immensely a fan of. This is set to be her comeback after the controversy on her statement on the movie Knocked Up, which she starred in, saying that it is a little sexist.

Co-star Gabriel teased a bit of what to expect from the Suits newcomer. Apart from sharing some similarities with his character Harvey, he says, "As you'll see in the first couple of episodes, they go head to head. They're truly adversarial, but they sometimes mirror each other in their actions and their manipulative ways to accomplish what they need. There's something charming about that and exciting. We'll see who's the better the poker player, who can kick more people in the knees."

Truly, exciting times are ahead. Season premier of Suits is on July 18, and we just can't wait for its comeback.