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Kathryn Bernardo And Daniel Padilla Travel To Iceland To See The Northern Lights

The evasive natural phenomenon showed up clear and bright on the first night of this couple's Nordic escapade for added romance

There's an idea in psychology that suggests that couples who bond over new experiences—especially out-of-the-box adventures—are more likely to develop deeper, more loving feelings towards each other.

There's just something about going out into the world and seeing all the wondrous things it has to offer side by side and hand in hand (or cheek to cheek, if you will) that triples the love in the air, and for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, their trip to the northern hemisphere could very well prove this theory as truth!

With the help of millennial entrepreneur, Access Travel owner and founder Angely Dub, the reel-to-real couple jetted off to Iceland last week to get a taste of Nordic culture, sights, and sounds—the most famous of them all being the Aurora Borealis, ak.a. the Northern Lights.

Witnessing the natural phenomenon has been on Kathryn's travel checklist for a while now, and finally getting to see it up close—on their first night, at that—was made extra special by the fact that she had Daniel right by her side the entire time. 

The Hello, Love, Goodbye actress took to Instagram to immortalize the moment and wrote described just how "magical" it was for her.

She wrote, "Define magical. The northern lights decided to show up on our first day here, almost as if it was welcoming us. Thanks for showing up, Aurora Borealis! Please feel free to do so again in the coming days. We really don't mind."

The heartfelt caption accompanied a photo of her with her arm around her beau and two more highlighting the majesty of what they were seeing—beautiful lights in ribbons of emerald and sapphire racing across the sky. 

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Access Travel's Angely Dub with KathNiel

That's not all they did, though; Kathryn and Daniel also explored Reykjavik where they took a dip in its famed hot springs. Posting a couple of snaps from the day, Kath shared the moment's icy blue surroundings and warm steam wafting from the pools' waters. 

"Day 1 in Iceland: Blue Lagoon! Best decision after a looooong flight," she wrote. 

KathNiel's Iceland trip is their most recent international holiday together. So far, they've explored Palawan, California's Napa Valley, Morocco, multiple Japanese cities, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam together. 

They've only just started this Nordic trip, so we can't wait to see more! 

Photos from @bernardokath