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3 Things We Were Reminded Of About Love & Relationships From Kathryn Bernardo's Anniversary Message For Daniel Padilla

Love is indeed in the air because of these two!

Queen of Hearts Kathryn Bernardo told everyone that it’s okay to be cheesy when you’re so much in love with someone. Her Instagram post published at exactly 12:00 a.m. on May 26, 2019, a greeting for her tangi Daniel Padilla, blew up on social media. With the caption "taking this as an excuse to be extra cheesy today!," she posted a short but absolutely sweet video of their Amanpulo trip, followed by her message for Daniel as they celebrate their 7th anniversary as a real-life couple.

Read her full message below, and scroll down for the things Kathryn reminded all of us of about love and relationships:


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Taking this as an excuse to be extra cheesy today! Swipe left!

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In her post, Kathryn pointed out the similarities between her boyfriend and his characters from their various projects.

She started with Patrick from Growing Up, a teen series every Sunday afternoon aired in 2011: "First, I'm thankful that you're a lot like Patrick. You have that natural charm about you that you're not even aware of.”


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They were blessed with another top-rating series, Princess and I, in 2012, where Kathryn played the role of Mikay and Daniel as Gino: “I'm also thankful of how Gino reminds me of you. You tend to look arrogant at times, but you're actually genuinely kind and always the first person to fight for love.”



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That was also the year when they started going out as a young couple. Then came Got to Believe—the moment when KathNiel and non-KathNiel fans were hit by the magical chemistry of Chichay and Joaquin: “I'm thankful that you're like Joaquin, who's always enveloped in some kind of mystery that never fails to draw me in.”




Daniel’s qualities in their box office hit movies Can’t Help Falling In Love and The Hows Of Us made her like him even more: "I'm thankful that you're like Dos. You're fun, you're adventurous, and you're such a natural at making people laugh.”




“Of course, I'm thankful that you're so much like Primo. You have so much passion in everything that you do and you always work hard for your dreams. You're sincerely apologetic when you need to be, and you cherish and prioritize the people you love above all."



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1. There's no formula for staying in love.

Relationships are complicated, because people are different. But when two people are genuinely in love, things just magically fall into place—the happiness they feel when they're together overpowers whatever issues may arise from their differences. 

Kathryn shared that she and Daniel often get asked how they stay in love. To which, she comments, "Truth be told I don't know the answer to that either. Because for us, we just wing it—it's not forced, it's not planned, it's not strategic. There's no formula. But these I do know: Staying in love is a decision you make every day. You have to appreciate what you have every single day."

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2. It's important to grow individually while making sure you never grow apart.

Despite being in a relationship, one must never forget one's self. Some relationships fall apart because one may feel like he or she has lost touch of who he or she really is or what he or she really wants in life, outside of their tiny couple bubble.  

Kathryn said, "You have to grow together—and sometimes that means growing individually, but never growing apart. And no matter how hard life may be you never give up on each other."


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3. When you love someone, you love him or her as a whole, including his or her imperfections.

When you're in a relationship, you learn to embrace even the quirks of your partner, because they're all part of what makes him him or her her. Take those away, and you're changing the person to someone he or she isn't—and that's not what love is about.  

Kathryn also listed down the things she likes and hates about Daniel: “But I love even the things I hate about you—because you’re real, because what we have is real, and because these ordinary things make our relationship extraordinary.”


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Kathryn ended her romantic message with “thank you for being my dream guy and my reality guy at the same time. Falling and staying in love with you is the best decision I’ve ever made.”



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Here are photos of Kathryn and Daniel on their recent trip in Morocco:




Happy 7th anniversary, Kathryn and Daniel!


Photos from @bernardokath