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WATCH: Bashers Were No Match Against Kathryn Bernardo's Unexpectedly Sassy Body Shaming Clapback

"Sakang," they said. No big deal, Kath responded—that, and also, "Kiss my f*cking legs!"

To slay—meaning, to kill, to eliminate, to get rid of for good, or as more commonly connoted in in millennial slang, to be on point, to impress and succeed, to kick serious butt, to own the day, and to come out on top as an absolute winner (or kween, if you will). 

And seeing as how Kathryn Bernardo handled the deluge of criticism repeatedly hurled towards her, we've never had a more appropriate opportunity to use the word in both senses. Kath, you totally did it—you slayed so hard, and it was amazing to witness!

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In case you missed it, here's what led up to the epic slaying:

Kathryn and Daniel Padilla—aka KathNiel, the love team who's also a real-life couple—followed the footsteps of fellow ABS-CBN artists who participated in "Laban Kapamilya," an online event featuring celebs speaking up about their network's forced closure. They didn't join the two-part event, but instead, independently released their own videos on Instagram a couple of days later.

There, they shared their reflections on the controversial National Telecommunication Commission-mandated shutdown and defended their right to be angry and frustrated—and asked for viewers' understanding of their points of view, too. 

Check out her full statement: 

But Kath specifically opened up about something a lot more personal than just her network's issue; she talked about how it was difficult for her to decide to go public with her thoughts, as in the past, she was viciously attacked for getting involved with matters outside of show business. The trauma from the experience hasn't fully disappeared from her psyche, but knowing that she had the power to positively influence with her words and actions, Kath bit the bullet, hit record, started talking, uploaded, then hit post.

Her video has since been viewed almost 2.5 million times since it was posted four days ago. 

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KathNiel fans applauded her. Bashers, on the other hand, had a different agenda. 

They called her names, insulted her intelligence, got personal, made it a point to hit way below the belt and be as offensive as possible—things vocal celebrities have come to expect and can handle with poise. But strangely enough, there was one particular insult that was unrelated, odd, and downright, well, shallow. 

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A post shared by Kathryn Bernardo 🐘 (@bernardokath) on

Someone called attention to her legs as a response to her criticism to negative reactions about ABS-CBN's shutdown. They started a hashtag for it, too: #SakangSiKathryn, which, when translated to English, points out that Kath is bow-legged.

How that ties into her video or the issue she's addressing is a mystery to everyone. (Insert "I have no idea" emoji here). 

It didn't take long for the KathNiel fandom to wage war against the haters. For three consecutive days and counting, millions of the actress' fans have come to her defense (with their own trending hashtags, at that!) and best of all, the usually demure and meek-mannered Kathryn released a catty follow-up video on her YouTube channel Everyday Kath to respond to all of this herself.

She said a lot. 

But if there's anything to remember from the 10-minute long video, it's that Kathryn Bernardo stood her ground and stood up for myself—that, and how she told everyone fixated on her body parts' shape four words no one is going to forget any time soon: "Kiss my f*cking legs!" 

It's likely the only F-bomb receiving a standing ovation these days. 

The video titled "Finally Reacting to Your Mean Comments!" was masked as a funny vlog, but had much deeper messages to send about empowerment, fighting back against body shaming, and knowing one's worth. 

Watch (and hear) her for yourself below: 

Not that it wasn't actually funny; it's impossible not to laugh along with Kath as she read aloud mean and insulting comments made about her on social media and answered back. 

Here are some of the video's best quotes (and most entertaining insults):

The insult: "Ang pangit ni Kathryn Bernardo."

The response: "Okay. Sorry! Sorry kung hindi ako maganda sa paningin mo. Minsan pangit naman talaga so I'm sorry! 'Yung profile picture niya nakatalikod, so, iharap mo 'yung profile picture mo. I wanna see."

kathryn bernardo vlogs reaction to mean comments 0

The insult: "Pangit ni Kathryn Bernardo! Sakang na! Pangit pa!" 

The response: "Boom! Ito 'yung hinihintay ko. So lahat kayo sinasabi about my legs, na hindi deretso 'yung legs ko, sakang ako, bakit inalis ko 'yung comment section ko sa Instagram. Grabe 'yung negative energy, ang dami time talaga nu'ng bashers. But, ngayon talaga, hindi na ako nabo-bother. Over the years, natutunan kong tanggapin 'yung legs ko... Parte siya ng pagkatao ko. Before, sobrang insecurity ko ito... Na-realize ko na lahat tayo may imperfections... Hello! Hindi naman ako makukulong sa pagka-sakang ko. I love my legs! Si DJ love din legs ko."

kathryn bernardo vlogs reaction to mean comments 1

The insult: "Fan daw ni Taylor Swift 'yang Kathryn Bernardo yuck kadiri naman." 

The response: "Bakit pati 'yung pag-i-idol ko kay Taylor Swift na-bo-bother kayo?... Naapektuhan ka ba na fan ako ni Taylor Swift? Kinalugi ba ng buhay mo 'yon? 'Di ko maintindihan."

kathryn bernardo vlogs reaction to mean comments 2

The insult: "Basura is what Kathryn is made of... kita mo sa ugali at pagsagot... same ng nanay niya. #KathrynBernardo" 

The response: "Sinama mo nanay ko. Ikaw, @OneLastTime0103, last mo na 'yan. Makakatikim ka sa nanay ko. Ba't mo siya sinama?

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And then, the conclusion: "I'm sorry if napipikon kayo sa ibang mga artista. Kung nabo-bother kayo sa existence namin, I'm sorry! Gawin na lang natin i-mute niyo kami sa buhay niyo. We can't please everybody, and sa lahat ng mga nagmamahal, mahal ko kayo! Pasabugin ang mga bashers!" 

Keep on slaying, Kath.  

Photos from @bernardokath / Screenshots from YouTube video "Finally Reacting to Your Mean Comments! | Everyday Kath" on YouTube channel Everyday Kath