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Happy In Love: Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Make A Rare Public Appearance Together At The Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala  

It was in 2013 when rumors of a brewing relationship between Katie Holmes, 39, and Jamie Foxx, 50, started. They made headlines back then when they attended the Apollo in the Hamptons event in East Hampton, New York, where the two were seen getting cozy on the dance floor—with Katie reportedly even taking a sip from Jamie’s cocktail.

At the time, Katie just went through a major life change the year prior, as she and Tom Cruise split up after six years of marriage.

After that event, people were quick to pair the two, but Jamie was also quick to deny the rumor, saying in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, [The rumors] are one hundred percent not true. In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with other people.”

But it seems Katie and Jamie enjoyed each other’s company, because they’ve been spotted spending time together on several occasions after that evening—maybe not as a couple yet but as friends.

In 2016, they sparked rumors that they secretly tied the knot, because they were both seen in New York, wearing gold rings on their ring fingers.  

Come May 2017, Katie and Jamie both traveled to Paris, where they apparently met up in a hotel. He was in town to shoot for the Robin Hood movie, and she was even seen dropping by the shoot location. They were later photographed jetting out of the city together.   

Months after, relationship rumors were fueled by a September 2017 sighting, with the couple enjoying a leisurely stroll—hand in hand—by a beach in Malibu.

In December 2017, Jamie celebrated his 50th birthday with a party in Los Angeles, and as expected, Katie was present to celebrate with him. They reportedly left the rooftop bar The Highlight Room together.

Their latest couple sighting was last Saturday at Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy Awards Gala. Katie, who wore a red textured dress with a low-cut neckline, sat beside the tuxedo-clad Jamie, and they looked so in love!



The couple was obviously having a great time as they were photographed laughing together while looking lovingly at each other. There was also an instance when Katie was whispering to Jamie’s ear, and at one point, Jamie did the same thing to Katie. We wonder what they were talking about that made them look that happy and in love.



When Clive was about to acknowledge Jamie’s presence, Katie moved to another table to avoid the spotlight, but to no avail. Clive saw her move and said, “This lady left the room right when I was going to introduce her, she was sitting at that table right with Jamie Foxx and everyone else… If you’re going to sit together what better night than tonight?”



Moments after, Katie reportedly moved backed to Jamie’s table, and they resumed their conversation. Then as the night came to full-on party mode, the couple danced along with the other guests—as we imagine it to be, it probably was pretty much the same moment that occurred that one night in 2013.  

Katie and Jamie haven't confirmed their relationship yet. But, if this rare public appearance together isn’t confimation enough, we don’t know what is.    


Photos from @usweekly