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Katy Perry Wore A Onesie With Ex-Boyfriend Orlando Bloom's Face All Over It And Fans Are Desperate For An Explanation 

Katycats from far and wide want to know why! 



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In case you've forgotten, singing superstar Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom — a.k.a. Legolas, the most memorable long-haired elf from The Lord of The Rings trilogy — used to be in a relationship. They got together in 2016, but sadly, split up after just a year. 

The two have been hot and cold ever since, confusing people about whether they were giving love a second chance, or have just decided on being really good pals. (Kind of like how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone through numerous ups and downs throughout their relationship). But with recent events, Katycats have reason to believe that the two might really be rekindling their flame this time around. 

After wrapping up her concert in Chile as part of her Witness tour's Latin American leg, Katy was approached by a number of fans for a rare photo op. The singer was happy to oblige, and lo and behold, she was snapped wearing a onesie with not one, but several images of her ex-lover's face plastered all over the quirky garment.



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While Katy is known for picking out eccentric outfits, this one in particular caught the attention of followers of the Katy-Orlando romance because of what it could imply. The onesie was actually a gift for Orlando for his 40th birthday last year, and many wondered if Katy had actually borrowed it from him. The fact she didn't seem to mind being seen with it was also cause for speculation. 

It's the latest to happen in a string of events that has caused fans to question their relationship status: 

To start, they were spotted cozying it up at an Ed Sheeran  concert in August 2017, just a few months after their breakup. They've been seen spending time together alone more times after that, most notably in the Maldives in January, and then in Prague in February. A good friend of the couple has also revealed that they've kept in touch after all this time, and aren't shunning the idea of eventually getting back together. 



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Neither Katy nor Orlando has come clean with their relationship, but perhaps they're simply taking it slow this time and enjoying each other's company. Right now, we're just glad that they seem to be getting along! 

Just like Katycats, we're staying tuned to this story. 

Katy Perry is scheduled to perform in Manila on April 2.