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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss Katy Perry’s Eye-Popping, Mind-Blowing, And Out-Of-This-World "Witness: The Tour" Concert

If there’s one thing you can expect from the concert of pop star Katy Perry, it is that you’re surely in for a visually rich, psychedelic, upbeat party that’ll keep you pumped up until the wee hours of the morning.



"Witness: The Tour," Katy Perry's world tour for her fifth album released mid-2017, has been a hit among concert lovers globally. Here are 7 reasons why you should not miss  "Witness: The Tour" concert on April 2,  2018 at the Mall of Asia Arena:


1. The Instagram dream-like setup of “Witness: The Tour”



??-OPENING??#witnessthetour ?? @kevinmazur

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The “Teenage Dream” singer definitely knows how to make her stage performances feel like a dream, as she opens her show singing her single “Witness” with an ultra-galactic vibe through her LED backdrop clips and flamboyant stage design, taking her audience to a whole new universe. Like a celestial goddess, Katy shines in a star-like mini stage, and immediately, you know that you’re about to witness something ethereal that no Instagram filter can parallel to.


2. The great mix and balance of futuristic and vintage concepts

Katy's "Witness: The Tour" stage presentations are exactly that, futuristic with a chance of vintage. One minute you can see Katy in a galaxy-backdrop dancing to cutting-edge beats, then you see her in metallic ensembles with her dancers rocking some 1980s-inspired choreo. In one performance, the costumes worn by Katy's dancers are TV sets affixed atop their heads. Ticket-buying parents are taken on a trip down memory lane upon the sight of their old, classic TV sets seamlessly embellished in the modern concert show.


3. The adult themes with kid-appropriate metaphors


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Katy's songs are not all about rainbows and candies, but for some reason, we think they are. That’s because this pop star has mastered the art of translating her not-so-child-friendly lyrics into kid-appropriate visuals and metaphors. Her “California Gurls” segment event features a cute blue whale mascot that can easily be enjoyed by the young ones. In one part of the show, Katy even invites kids onstage to make their wish come true, sharing pieces of advice about kindness, sincerity, and pursuing their dreams. And for parents, that’s appealing enough for them to allow their teens, tweens, and kids to party the night away at the "Witness: The Tour" concert.


4. The dynamic music genres

Although Katy Perry’s music is generally of pop genre, you can’t overlook how Katy effortlessly incorporates various music styles into her stage segments—from alternative /rock/ metallic rock to electric with disco-inspired choreo. Katy also made sure the millennials can get to enjoy high-BPM vignettes.


5. The outfits—enough said!



It is not a surprise that Katy’s bold fashion choices are highlighted in the show. She may be remembered donning bubblegum-like outfits in all shades of pink, but her maturity as an artist is also reflected in her style evolution in the "Witness" series of concerts, where she rocked a black leather bodysuit with outlandish fringes and a metallic bodycon in silver and reds that truly make her silver bobcat hairstyle look even fiercer. 


6. The boredom level of the hubby or the boyfriend = zero

Katy has a really awesome segment of basketball game for men. In one of her shows, she was seen calling a man onstage to play a huge version of shooting the hoop. Yes, it's a concert, but you got to give props to this pop star, who knows how to get creative in engaging and entertaining her audience.


7. The overall good-vibes music



?Firework Finale by @zaldynyc ???by @ronyalwin #witnessthetour

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“Roar” is undeniably one of this generation’s ultimate feel-good theme songs that can push anyone into feeling optimistic and inspired. What a way to cap off  the night! Katy reminds us why she is one of the biggest pop stars today. Why, she can make you feel good about yourself through her catchy, no-nonsense music. This diva can make you feel like you’re a “Firework" at any given time and day. 


Tickets for the April 2, 2018 show are now on sale via Ticket prices are P19,540/ P16,370/ P13,200/ P6,870/ P2,640. See itinerary via


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