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How Do You Get Over A Break Up? KC Concepcion's Idea Is A Summery Escapade In Siargao And Palawan

The teardrop-shaped island of Siargao and ecological stronghold of Palawan mean many things to many people, but for jewelry designer KC Concepcion, the tropical paradises seemed to have served as places to nurse an achy heart back to its living, beating self.


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Heyyyy, Fry-day. ???? #KacecapadesSIARGAO

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KC's summer vacation coincided with two big events in her life: her 33rd birthday, and the first month after her unforeseen breakup with longtime boyfriend, Aly Borromeo


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The separation was devastating to KC's loyal fans, as many had hoped that this romance would lead to wedding bells ringing. While the star expressed sadness over the split in an Instagram post in March, she continued to adopt an appreciative and forward-thinking attitude to life.



Even with turbulence surrounding her, the April-born beauty appeared to be a hundred percent happy and healed in her photos; the crystal clear waters and endless blue skies seemed to work wonders on her mind and body, both of which provided a refuge that bustling city living and non-stop schedules often deprive her of.


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In her first stop of Siargao, KC was surrounded by friends and family, including her half-sister Garie. The two took the rare opportunity to bond under the sun, on a private yacht, and on powdery white shores away from the daily grind.



In a few days' time, the stylish group moved the celebration to Palawan, where they're now continuing their beachside adventures and laid-back hangouts that begin at sunrise and end at sunset.


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Throughout her trip, the birthday girl couldn't have looked any happier. After all, there's no better way to get a new lease on life than to surround yourself with those who support, love, and care for you the most!


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#KacecapadesSIARGAO . We wandered in no-signal nation & filled up our life tanks with tons of laughter, new adventures, rekindled friendships, local explorations, limited expectations & many surprises... Who cares if it rained on my birthday? We ate, danced, laughed, created new French words (or Frenchified Filipino gay terms no thanks to @frankbriones ??) & planned a yoga session c/o @ninobarbers in case we missed our flight ?? Not to mention having a lifetime supply of food curated by @aaronisip - great having a Filipino @gaultetmillau awarded chef on board (who also loves to drone). ?? . Got our dose of sun, rain, sand, sweat, sea, felt the earth barefoot, with mud between our toes that brought us through secret jungle spots, down to the waves for morning surfs. . Siargao has a charm of its own and its upto you to make of it what you will. . Thankful!!! ??????

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Of course, the cherry on the (birthday) cake is how absolutely fantastic KC looks! Everyone has been quick to notice how she debuted a noticeably more toned figure: she's a perfect hourglass.


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The discipline in keeping a more balanced diet and becoming more active in the last six months have now paid off; with every swimsuit and skin-baring outfit KC sported, more and more people were wowed and inspired!


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Now this is how to handle a breakup: with positivity, a change of pace, and a refreshed perspective on the best things life has to offer. Check out photos of KC's birthday and summer getaway rolled into one here:




Photos from @itskcconcepcion