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KC Concepcion And Boyfriend Pierre Plassart Prove Couples Can Overcome LDR

Long distance relationships suck. But more often that not, circumstances require lovers to be apart--for work, family, or even studies. But thanks to the wonders of technology, LDR has become a teensy bit bearable for a lot of couples. Talking, sending photos, or even sharing their lives have never been more convenient.

Just like a lot of us, KC Concepcion has her own challenges and difficulties when dealing with her long distance relationship with French beau Pierre Plassart. Pierre is an all-around artist, a writer and director who dabbled in photography, and now specializes in fashion and jewelry in Paris. KC, on the other hand, has a thriving life and career (as a showbiz personality and an entrepreneur with her own jewelry business) here in the Philippines, and is also traveling around as a World Food Programme ambassador.


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The secret to their strong and loving relationship is by being vocal about their feelings and their love for each other.

KC's Instagram is filled with sweet messages and photos of Pierre, which fuels not only the fire of their relationship but also inspires other couples in long distance relationships, letting them know that they're not alone. In a post last month, KC shares a photo of her with Pierre as they spend the week overlooking Taal Volcano.


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And when things are difficult, KC makes sures that Pierre feels her 100 percent love even when they're apart or together. It's hard to find someone who truly loves you unconditionally--but it looks like KC has found that man.



And so despite the long distance and the slow internet connection (imagine talking on FaceTime when the screen suddenly freezes!), in KC's words, "Kapit lang, Kaya natin yan."



Happy Valentine's Day!



Photos from @itskcconcepcion