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KC Concepcion Says It's Time To "Move On And Spread My Wings"—A Look Back At Her Adventure-Filled Relationship With Aly Borromeo

Last Thursday, March 8, the mega daughter KC Concepcion took to Instagram to address the rumors that she and her boyfriend, former Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo, have broken up.

In her post, while KC didn't directly say that they have parted ways, she did hint at the current status of their relationship.



"If the stars choose to align us together again in the future, then why not? Who knows what will happen then?  Timing is everything. As for me, I've decided to fully support him at the same time move on and spread my wings," she captioned their black and white photo in the tub, taken from their shoot for Metro Society's November 2017 issue.




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It seems like this was KC's last Instagram post that had something to do with Aly


To usher in 2018, KC posted her solo photo from her and Aly's Metro Society cover shoot, with a caption that indicates what  she wants to focus on for the new year: "...discovering places I’d never been to before & pursuing passion projects that make my heart full despite being scared to take things on outside of my comfort zone."?



In an interview with ABS-CBN News’ Marie Lozano, the actress also revealed that they are currently on a stage where they’re trying to figure out what works best for them individually.

“We really both are very independent and I think that we will always have that connection where he knows I am there for him and I also know that he’s always going to be there for me,” she shared.

“But right now, ever since the -ber months, it’s just been really crazy with soccer, with football, and his career, and then I am also launching a jewelry line and I also have all these things happening. It’s almost like we are two independent people that are choosing to just prioritize right now. I think when the right time comes, then we can really prioritize the relationship.”



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Now that we think about it, we didn’t see Aly in any of KC’s recent social media updates, even during last Valentine’s Day.

They sparked dating rumors in mid-2016, with KC's sister Cloie Syquia-Skarne confirming the relationship of the two in October 2016 on the "Fast Talk" segment of "Tonight With Boy Abunda."

Even though they have decided to focus on their individual pursuits, it's nice to know they remain friends and don't see their relationship regrettabe or something to be bitter about. Proof of this is how they didn't bother deleting their Instagram photos that show all the happy memories they shared together.

As this couple moves on with their respective lives, here's a look back at some of the highlights of their relationship, specifically their many travels here and abroad, which they shared on social media:






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This photo served as their relationship's confirmation of sorts, declaring to the social media world that they are, indeed, a couple.



Hong Kong




Taking adventures with this one is priceless! ???? #victoriaharbour #ferryride?

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La Union, Philippines




Manila, Philippines: Aly Meets the Megastar




Paris, France










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Sydney, Australia






This was for REAL! ???? #ColdplaySydney

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Tokyo, Japan



2016's been one helluva ride! Happy New Year everyone!??????

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Palawan, Philippines



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Birthday weekend enjoying the sun and sea ??????

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