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Get To Know Keanu Reeves' New Girlfriend, Alexandra Grant

She's a multi-talented artist to start, and overall, seems like a perfect match for the dashing Hollywood actor

The world's Internet boyfriend looks like he's finally found a real-life sweetheart. 

Though we might first be overwhelmed by the sound of hearts simultaneously breaking over the news, we're quick to pull ourselves together because, after all, we only want the best for universally loved good guy Keanu Reeves. And if the best comes in the form of a lovely lady named Alexandra Grant, we're all for it.

But who is the mysterious silver-haired lady who sent Keanu's biggest fans spiraling deep into speculation when she was spotted holding hands with him at Gucci's LACMA Art + Film Gala's red carpet? We rounded up a few interesting points about her that you should know, too!


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Keanu and Alexandra have known each other for a while

Contrary to what many might have assumed, Alexandra isn't a recent addition to Keanu's life. She and the actor have been friends for at least a decade and have even worked together on several creative projects. Some of their collaborations include the founding of X Artists’ Books, an eclectic publishing company; Ode to Happiness, a children's book paradoxically targeted towards adult readers; and on another book called Shadows. 

This isn't the first time they've been spotted engaging in some PDA, either 

They actually haven't confirmed their relationship status till now (but the sticky looks they exchanged that night say a thousand words!), but eagle-eyed fans have been keeping an eye on this pair since July of this year. That's because they openly held hands in front of hundreds of photographers and attendees at the the Saint Laurent men's fashion show held in Malibu. If they've been together since then, they've done a pretty good job at keeping their romance a secret!


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She's a well-known, celebrated artist

It makes total sense for Keanu to be interested in a multi-faceted partner who, much like himself, is well-versed in different kinds of art and has an open-minded approach to life. Alexandra fits the bill to a tee as she is a painter, sculptor, and visual and installation artist among many other things. And like Keanu, she also had a colorful childhood spent in several countries like Mexico, Spain, and France. Her work has likewise brought her to the cosmopolitan cities of Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, and Paris. How awesome is that?

She's a philanthropist 

A huge reason behind Keanu's fans' deep admiration for him stems from the fact that he's an A+ human being overall. He's known to make low-profile donations if and when an occasion calls for it, treat off-camera movie staff with a golden heart, initiate random acts of kindness for the general public, and just remain a good guy despite the fame attached to his name. Alexandra's desire to contribute good to the world is comparable; she set up a project called grantLove which aims to support beginners in the art scene and non-profit art organizations including Love House, the 18th Street Arts Center and Project Angel Food, and the Union for Contemporary Art. 


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Alexandra is 46 years old 

Hold on—before you say that age doesn't matter, it does when you're a woman in a relationship with a man from an industry that puts a premium on youthfulness. The fact that Keanu is 55 and is dating a woman who isn't much, much younger (a pattern that many of his contemporaries fall into) was praised by many, and was soon followed by lots of applause from women who loved that Alexandra wears her gray mane proudly! In both of these respects, she proves that she isn't your run-of-the-mill Hollywood actor love interest, but actually a woman of substance who has lots going on underneath the surface. 

She's passionate about language in the arts and gender issues in the industry 

A lot of Alexandra's art showcase her deep reflection on the role that language plays in our lives, be it how it connects us, or how it divides us. Often, her artworks also contain the phrase "born to love," an element she allows her audience to interpret on their own. On the other hand, as an artist, she has openly spoken about how being a feminist has made her aware of sexism in the arts, yet not allowing it to limit her or put a stop to her work. 

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