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WATCH: Kelly Misa Paints An Honest Picture Of Modern Motherhood With Tricia Centenera

Take note, all working moms: Kelly says, "If you just try to do the best that you can with the given situation, then you're already a good mom"

Moms, on a scale of one to 10, how would you rate the experience of thriving in a modern society with multiple demands, while making sure you're a hands-on parent who's present for all your child's milestones and most tender moments? 

We know—the scale should be more like one to 100, or even one to 500 on extra taxing days!

This November, model turned mom and travel host Kelly Misa is here to tell all moms that it's completely okay to be honest and rate yourself on the upper half of the scale. After all, balancing the responsibilities of being a super mom and a career woman, and even making room for good old me-time, is no easy feat; it's a challenge unique to women who have chosen to bring children into this world, and one they should see as a badge of honor for taking up more than anything else.

In an interview with Talk With Tricia host Tricia Centenera, the travel host gets candid about her transition from being a jet-setting cover girl to a working wife and mother maneuvering a whole new life. In the end, Kelly says that the most important thing for moms (and dads, too!) is to remain true to oneself and forget the expectations that others impose; focus your ears, eyes, heart and mind on your kids and spouse, and watch everything else fall into place. 

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See more of what Kelly had to share about her own experiences of motherhood and her advice for fellow moms below!


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"As I transitioned to becoming a host, I started a family! I had a family. It has been one of the most wonderful things ever, in my life." 

Before becoming a mother, Kelly was already living a life that many would have considered pure perfection; her job as a fresh-out-of-college model had her hopping from Hong Kong to Thailand, China to Malaysia and everywhere in-between, but her family quickly became her number one priority—and source of happiness!—when her son, Tristan, arrived.

"I was like, 'I guess I won't be a model anymore. I won't do the things that I like doing, because I'm a mom now. And I won't get the amount of work that I'm getting.' But it has totally changed! I'm getting more work now because people can relate to me more.

Many women who have invested in their careers, regardless of industry, fear that motherhood may compromise their professional growth or even put a stop to it, completely. However, Kelly explains that there are ways to marry the two experiences and for women, parenting and their careers need not be mutually exclusive successes. 


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"It's so hard! I have no me-time. My only me-time is when I go to work and do stuff like this. But when I get come it's like, 'Come to me!' It's  togetherness."

Kelly chose to raise her toddler all on her own with just her husband as help—no yayas included in the package! It makes enjoying mommy time all the more challenging, but in the end, the fulfillment that comes with the toddler being that much closer to his parents and seeking them—and only them—out when he needs a hug or a kiss or help is unparalleled. 

"If you're real to yourself, and you just look into yourself without listening to all the noise, and all the judgments, and all the expectations, I think you will fly, and you will be the best parent." 

Moms, dads, and everyone else raising children—it's okay to say that you're having a tough time and that child rearing isn't a walk in the park! According to Kelly, the image of motherhood being a hundred percent blissful all day, every day is a myth. It's more important for her to keep it real and be authentic (i.e. admitting that bringing up a toddler without  a nanny is one of the hardest jobs on earth),and she believes that this too is why she's gained so many followers over time. 


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See Kelly's complete interview below and gather inspiration, too!

Photos from "Talk with Tricia: Episode 3 - Kelly Misa" from the Metro.Style YouTube channel