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Kim Cattrall Wants Everyone To Know That She And Sarah Jessica Parker Are Legitimately Not Friends 

Kim Catrall called Sarah Jessica Parker "cruel" and a "hypocrite" on social media, while Sarah nonchalantly brushed off Kim's acidic statements by offering no response.

When news of their feud first broke in 2004, it was heartbreaking for Sex and the City fans to learn that real-life Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones couldn't stand to be in the same room together. Reports have even stated that the actresses have not been on speaking terms for over a decade, suggesting that onscreen besties who filmed the successful six-season HBO show together are, in fact, off-screen catfighting women. 



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This week, Kim put all the speculation about their strained relationship to rest in one fell swoop: on Instagram, she let everyone know that Sarah is not her family, and definitely not her friend.  

The hostile online confrontation was triggered when Kim's younger brother, Chris, was reported missing on Tuesday. Kim and her family were so panicked that they resorted to asking her followers for help, requesting them to get in touch with them or the police if they happened to chance upon Chris. Sadly, the 55-year-old was found lifeless a few days later. Eventually, Kim posted the news of his death on social media and thanked her fans, friends, and colleagues for offering their condolences and prayers.



Out of the thousands who responded to Kim's statements, ex-gal pal Sarah was one of them. In a publicized red carpet interview with Extra, she said she couldn't imagine the sense of loss Kim and her family must be going through, sent them her love and condolences, and respected the privacy they asked for. 

Kim was quick to shoot back at the Hollywood star by rejecting her seemingly kind words in these posts:  




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In one of her posts, she even linked her followers to a 2017 article she hoped would remind them of what had transpired between them. The feature by the New York Post details how the four-person Sex and the City ensemble was divided into two camps: the Sarah side, which included cast mates Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, and the Kim side.  

Similar to other reports about the Kim-Sarah feud, the article describes how Kim felt antagonized by her three female co-stars and blamed for the delay, and eventual scrapping, of the third Sex and the City movie. It also delves into how the overall "mean girls culture" of the show drove a permanent wedge between the actresses. On the other hand, Sarah supporters claim that Kim's unreasonable financial demands and diva-like demeanor on set were what actually alienated her from everyone working on the hit series. 



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None of these issues have been clarified and they've persisted over the years as a she said/she said situation, but after all the finger pointing and euphemisms, one thing looks to be certain: Kim and Sarah will not be reconciling their differences any time soon. 

Everyone knows that it takes time to heal old wounds and bury the hatchet, and just like the most loyal of Sex and the City fans, we truly hope that evetually, these ladies will find it in them to rekindle their friendship! As they continue to go about their lives, we also wish that Kim and her family find peace during this trying time. 



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