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WATCH: Kim Chiu's New Song Dedicated To Bashers Is A Lesson On Online Shaming

Embracing all the insults thrown at her and then some, she turned disadvantage into advantage and fun while she was at it—talk about playing the ultimate reverse card!

It's true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That, and that it requires a special kind of person to be able to make the most delicious citrusy-sweet, ice-cold lemonade when life gives you a whole lot of lemons—crates and crates of them! 

For Kim Chiu's bashers, it would do well for them to remember this time. As hard as they tried to tear her down and make her feel as insignificant and defeated as possible, this actress worked her magic and turned the tables around in the best possible way.

Here's a little timeline to help you remember where this all began: 

Days after ABS-CBN was forced to shut its doors, many of the network's celebrities spoke up. Kim was one of them and, quite surprisingly, became one of the most vocal ones in the bunch.

She felt so frustrated about the situation that she even organized a two-part online event called "Laban Kapamilya" where she invited many of her fellow actors and a handful of ABS-CBN employees to air their thoughts about the closure via a livestreamed video call. 

The likes of Coco Martin, Jodi Sta. Maria, Bela Padilla, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Cherry Pie Picache, John Prats, Angel Locsin, and many more were all given an opportunity to speak, but it was all eyes and ears when it was Kim's turn to talk.

The meme-makers were definitely on standby. 


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She didn't take up too much airtime. She spoke for about five minutes and focused her thoughts on how working in ABS-CBN had helped her become her family's breadwinner, successfully sending her siblings to school and building her family a proper home. 

However, towards the end, a visibly emotional and flustered Kim went a little off-tangent. She attempted to use a metaphor to describe the government's selective application of quarantine-related laws and regulations, using a classroom and being able to leave the classroom during class hours as a comparison. 

She laughs about it now, even admitting that it was incoherent. Her haters weren't exactly wrong about that, she says with a smile. 

But Kim didn't have this confidence when the bashing was at its height.

As one might imagine, bashers swooped in, spewing all sorts of poison in comment sections and turning the video clip into a free-for-all scavenging ground for all those who wished to pick Kim apart, piece by piece, until there was nothing left. 

The worst of them turned the heartfelt clip into a "remix"—literally a remixed sound and video clip with the help of autotune to "melody-fy" Kim's words. They even named it "Law of Classroom." 

Call it funny, a 21st joke, or a piece of pop culture and modern entertainment, but none of those terms can take away the fact that it was meant to poke fun at a person and embarrass them. 


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The remix itself wasn't the most vile thing, but the reactions to it were. 

There were those who said Kim had it coming because she didn't finish college, those who said she should stick to showbiz and leave serious matters because she wasn't capable of anything more, and those who called her things that don't belong in a civilized conversation. 

She took a break from social media to shut them out. Kim is no wilting flower, but she's human too—hurt is still very much an emotion she feels.

But what made her superhuman in this situation was her extraordinary ability to fight back—not with words or an appeal to pity, and definitely not with aggression or anger, but by being a pretty good shock absorber.

The seconds-long remix they made of her—she turned it into a song! Kim turned one of the worst insults thrown at her this year into a full-length, special release single, complete with a music video, chorus, and musical collaboration and called it "Bawal Lumabas (Ilabas Na Natin 'To feat. Adrian and DJ Squammy)."

It's honestly one of the best bullying clapbacks we've ever seen. 

The song went live on her YouTube channel last night and came with a little intro from Kim herself. She opens up needing to take a break from the world to recover and re-build her defenses, but most impressively, she also talks about choosing forgiveness and taking the high road. 

Her collaborators, Adrian and DJ Squammy, were also featured in the video. They talked about how the project could be used to send a message rather than just entertain. 

Watch the full video below!

The trolls have been pretty silent. Kim's fans, on the other hand, are drowning the Internet with their cheers and applause. 

See, Kim is no stranger to haters, bashers, trolls, or whatever it is they're called these days. She's been in showbiz since she was 16 (she turned 30 in April), which means she's fully aware of the good, and the bad, that come with being a public figure. Some people love you, but there are those who want nothing more than to see you trip and fall and roll in the mud as they roar in laughter. 

The boom of social media changed the game, perhaps for the worse; the combination of anonymity and the availability of a direct line of communication (hello, comment section and DMs!) between hater and celebrity have made it easy (too easy) for bullies to do what they do best—but only when you let them. 

Kim officially trolled the trolls—and made a strong stand on social media bullying in the process. It isn't a bad idea to take our cue from Kim and learn a little something from her; with Internet harassment being part and parcel of our digitalized lives—more so these days when much of the global population is stuck indoors spending all day in front of their screens—a role model like her is certainly a good thing to have.

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