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Kim Chiu's "The Ghost Bride" Is The Most Watched Film On Iflix


Just in time for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, iflix has premiered Star Cinema’s latest horror hit, The Ghost Bride. iflix subscribers in the Philippines will now be able to stream and download Chito Roño's film anytime and anywhere, just a couple of months since its cinematic release.

"Ghost Bride has quickly become the most watched film on iflix since it became available in our platform last January 12, and that ranking includes all the movies from around the world, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or K-Drama,” Georgette Tengco said in their recently held press conference.      

"Chinita Princess" Kim Chiu, the leading actress of the film, only heard about her movie’s lead-ranking performance on iflix for the first time during the press con. 



"I am so thrilled to hear about this! This movie is really close to my heart because it centers on the Chinese tradition and culture. So it was not hard for me to understand the concept and do stuff for the movie like bowing in the temple and praying in Chinese,” Kim shared.

Kim plays the role of Mayen, a young woman trying to save her family’s home and take care of her ailing father. In return for a huge sum of money, she agrees to a Chinese matchmaker’s (Alice Dixson) offer to become a "ghost bride" to a wealthy but deceased Chinese man. But when the dead man’s ghost endangers Mayen’s family and loved ones, she has to find a way to save her family, and ultimately, herself.     

Kim shared how she has learned a lot from playing Mayen. “All Filipino daughters are just like Mayen, who will do anything for her family. That’s a great Filipino trait, that we all want to do anything for our family to be proud of us, to help our family in our own ways. That’s one quality of Mayen that I can really relate to. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing her, it is to not to make huge decisions in life without consulting your family and loved ones. Huwag pabigla-bigla sa pag-desisyon at huwag gagawa ng desisyon mag-isa lalo kapag overwhelming pa 'yung emotions mo,” Kim said.   

She also noted that her favorite experience from filming was when they shot scenes in Nepal. “The Nepal experience was really unforgettable because we got to meet real-life monks, as well as students who were really studying Buddhism. I’ve learned a lot from that,” she said. “All in all, it was a positive work environment especially because everyone was so cooperative, plus we would bond even after taping.” 



Kim also shared how she was happy to work with Alice Dixson, “I got so starstruck by Miss Alice Dixson, since she played Dyesebel and I love that movie. Her role in The Ghost Bride was so difficult because she had to talk with Chinese accent,” Kim said. “The line of Miss Alice Dixson really got everyone talking. ‘Ikaw si Mayen, ako may business proposal sa’yo’, ayun talaga tumatak kasi kapag nakikita ako ng mga tao, ayun sinasabi nila sa akin, na may business proposal sila sa akin,” Kim shared, laughing.     

The Ghost Bride is the third film that was made available on iflix just mere months since the cinematic release. iflix also features 11 of Kim's other projects, from TV series such as My Binondo Girl, Tayong Dalawa, Sana Maulit Muli, to hit movies like Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush Mo, Till My Heartaches End, and I’ve Fallen For You.

Kim is currently working on her new film under Star Cinema, with her latest "Oppa" leading man, Ryan Bang. “This is something different because my leading man is Korean with a Filipino heart, plus the genre is unique since it is horror-comedy. It is directed by Tony Y. Reyes. We’ve been shooting for days now at ang sakit ng tiyan ko kakatawa. The movie is about barkada rin kasi so fun talaga.“

Meanwhile, her album, Chinita Princess: Touch of Your Love is still available on iTunes and Spotify, with its hit single "Okay Na Ako." 


Photographs by Joseph Macquirang