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Kim Chiu On Her Relationship With Xian Lim And Her Travel Bucket List Ideas

Real-life couple Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are glowing with happiness. The two welcomed 2019 together, vacationing in the chilly cities of Harbin and Xi'an in China.



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In case you missed it, yes, Kim and Xian are officially in a relationship, and the One Great Love actress confirmed it herself during an interview with host Boy Abunda on the show Tonight With Boy Abunda last November. When Boy asked, "You and Xian, are you officially together?" Kim replied, "Mahirap po ito as a 20-year-old… Oo naman, yes, Tito Boy.”  

Kim and Xian love traveling together. For Christmas last year, they had an unforgettable experience in Finland, where they got to meet Santa Claus and enjoy the unparalleled view of the northern lights. Kim has always loved white Christmases, and that vacation was truly a dream come true. 


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No doubt, Kim has been bitten by the travel bug. She reveals that she is a "plane person," who enjoys watching movies, sipping wine, and catching up on some sleep during a flight. “Pag gising mo, nasa ibang country ka na. You’re gonna explore a certain country na may different culture, ” she tells Metro.Style. “So ako, na-a-appreciate ko 'yung culture and food.”

One of her traditions or must-dos whenever she's traveling is getting on a “hop-on, hop-off” bus. For around P2,500, you can already get a glimpse of a city! Kim has also made it her habit to take home magnet souvenirs from the places she had visited.


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Her love for travel has influenced her Christmas wish as well. She shares that if money were no object, she would give herself “endless plain tickets and hotel bookings so I can travel the world.”

This year, Kim has planned a trip to Canada to visit her brother and set foot on tourist spots such as the serene Peyto Lake and the majestic Athabasca Falls.

What other places are on her bucket list? Israel (the Dead Sea!), Egypt, and Greenland are her top-of-mind places. 




Kim's favorite travel buddy is obviously her boyfriend Xian. And as a couple, she shares that the saying "opposites attract" applies to them. 

“Xian is, ano, magkaiba kami ng mga trip ehParang I like extremes. Siya naman gusto niya mga relaxed lang.  So parang, siguro, opposites attract dito sa'ming dalawa,” she says.

Kim further reveals that Xian is a hopeless romantic,who would send her love letters and flowers even if there is no occasion. Recently, though, she developed an allergy to pollen, “so love letters na lang.”

This relationship, Kim says, has taught her the value of compromise: “Give and take. It's not always perfect, you really have to compromise.” With both Kim and Xian living their lives in the limelight, she takes comfort in the fact that they each found a safe place in their togetherness; theirs is a no-frills and secure relationship—"so, hindi siya nakaka-pressure," she concludes.

Scroll through the gallery below, to see beautiful snaps from their holiday trip to China:




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