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A Woman's Worth: Kim Jones Gave Bashers A Piece Of Her Mind

To many girls, Kim Jones is #LifePeg. Her well-curated Instagram feed takes her followers from Paris to New York to Tel Aviv to Santorini to Osaka, and many more interesting and postcard-perfect cities across the globe. It seems she’s on a mission to cross out as many places as possible off her travel bucket list.



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Clad in the chicest designer brands, this gorgeous stylista attends all these spectacular fashion shows and meets significant people. She does editorialized photoshoots so beautiful you’d want to recreate them for your own 'gram. She roams around in style, exuding class and sophistication. #LifeWellTravelled indeed.



She’s living the life many can only dream of. She’s the woman many aspire to become. She inspires.



It’s easy to see why her husband Jericho Rosales adores her, what with her beauty and brains as well as her drive and passion to pursue her dreams.



However, while she's undoubtedly an accomplished woman, to some, her being a woman is incomplete, because she's yet to bear a child. As her feed suggests, it appears like she’s almost never home. Some netizens have noticed that, with one pointing it out by commenting: “Seriously? Cant even with you all the time coz she’s busy traveling and fulfilling her dreams. If she’s a wonder woman for you @jerichorosalesofficial she should get pregnant and be a real woman!!!Would you agree @kimcamjones ?”

Jericho Rosales replied: “I don’t think getting preggy and having babies is the only measure for being a woman… i love that my wife travels and works on her dreams. Makes me really proud.”


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Following this comment of her husband, Kim took to Instagram to voice out her thoughts on the question often thrown her way: why does she and Echo don’t have a baby yet? In her post, Kim feels grateful that Jericho thinks it’s worth it for her to chase after her dreams, and that the measure of a “real woman” isn’t only hinged on being a mother.


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Her post reads: “I, along with many other women I know, am constantly asked why I’m still without child, sometimes benevolently; sometimes not. Often my response (or lack thereof when I tire of defending myself) is met with incredulity and scorn. We are all in a state of transition; we’re all going through something. Thank you, Jericho, for believing that a woman’s worth and the measure of a ‘real woman’ comes from a multitude of qualities. And thank you for believing my [read: women’s] dreams are worth chasing, whatever they may be. Thank you for having my back. That’s my man.”     


"A woman’s worth and the measure of a ‘real woman’ comes from a multitude of qualities"—Kim Jones


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Kim and Jericho got engaged in August 2013. They tied the knot in a beautiful Boracay beach ceremony in May 1, 2014. Jericho has a teenage son named Santino with former partner Kai Palomares.


Screenshot from Bob Nicolas via ABS-CBN News


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