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Kim Seon Ho Breaks Silence, Apologizes Over Scandal

Following the massive success of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, lead actor Kim Seon Ho quickly became the subject of speculations about a gaslighting and forced abortion scandal which he is now addressing. What will happen next?

Dazed and confused.

This must have been how the fans of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor Kim Seon Ho have experienced after celebrating the success of the K-Drama finale which was subsequently followed by recent unsettling rumors involving the actor.

Just a day after the show’s finale ended on a high, an anonymous woman posted on an online community about rising actor “K” who forced her to go through an abortion under a false promise of marriage.

Today, Kim Seon Ho broke his silence and came out with a statement, translated by Soompi, addressing the issue.

This is Kim Seon Ho. I sincerely apologize for the belated statement. I experienced a fear that felt for the first time after the article with the mention of my name was released a while ago, and that is why I am writing this now. I met her with good emotions. In that process, I hurt her due to my carelessness and inconsiderate actions. I wanted to meet and apologize to her directly, but I am not able to properly convey the apology now and am waiting for that time to come. 

For now, I would like to genuinely apologize to her through this statement. I apologize for also disappointing all those who trusted and supported me until the end. It was all thanks to those who supported me that I was able to become the actor Kim Seon Ho, but I had forgotten that. I apologize for causing trouble to my co-stars and all of the related staff who worked with me due to my flaws. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt. I am aware that this rambling statement will not fully reach your hearts, but I am still attempting to convey my sincere thoughts. I am very sorry.

Salt Entertainment, the actor’s agency, also shared a statement.

Hello. This is Salt Entertainment. We apologize for causing concern to many with actor Kim Seon Ho’s personal matters. We would like to apologize to all those who were disappointed and troubled by this issue. Once again, we apologize for worrying you with an unpleasant matter.

The agency earlier crushed rumors circulating about Kim Seon Ho’s contract status saying, “The reports about Kim Seon Ho’s contract expiration are not true. It is not even time for him to renew his contract. We are currently organizing our position, and we will share it as soon as possible.”

The said ex-girlfriend shared a number of intimate details that could be damaging to the actor’s rising career. She said she is not exposing the actor for the bad breakup but because she has not received the apology she has been seeking from him. In a translation from Koreaboo, the woman’s post clarified her stance.

“I am his ex-girlfriend. This isn’t solely about his sh*tty personality. I wouldn’t be wasting so much time on exposing him like this if that had been the only problem. I’m doing this because I cannot continue carrying on with my daily life when he’s all over television pretending to be someone he is not. Even though exposing him would mean that I have to reveal a lot of my personal history, which inevitably is risky for me as a female, I have decided to push forward. It’s not only the after-effects of a break-up that I’m dealing with. I’m also trying to make sense of all the sacrifices that I’ve had to make because of him—including an abortion. He tricked me into thinking he’d marry me. But he treated me like sh*t when he rose to fame, excusing himself for it saying that he’s sensitive because of work. I am in a state of severe psychological and physical trauma,” says the post of the alleged ex-girlfriend.

Apart from the gaslighting, forced abortion and false pretense of potential of marriage, the woman also revealed how the actor allegedly badmouthed the people he worked with and even the show that helped him rise to stardom.

Reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, known for his controversial exposés, shortly named Kim Seon Ho as the actor in the anonymous posts claiming the Korean media has been aware of this brewing scandal since September and has been looking into more information about it.

Even before the official statements of apology from Kim Seon Ho and his agency, a number of brands already pulled the plug and quickly removed associations with the actor. Among the endorsement deals he lost are Domino’s Pizza, 11Street, Canon, Miima and Foodbucket.

Hours after the statement, the Korean variety show 2 Days & 1 Night S4 also announced that Kim Seon Ho will be leaving the show. "We have decided on the withdrawal of Kim Seo Ho, who was recently involved in a controversy. We will do our best to edit him out of the already filmed footage to reduce the discomfort felt by viewers," they said in a statement. 

With all the controversies engulfing the actor right now, the answer to these questions remain to be seen:

What will happen to the highly anticipated film debut and other movie projects of Kim Seon Ho?

Will other CF deals and brand endorsements follow suit and end his contract?

How much penalty, the one he allegedly once feared, does he owe the brands now?

How will this scandal impact his “2 Days & 1 Night” mainstay status?

What are his former co-workers’ reactions upon learning that the actor allegedly badmouthed them?

Will there be legal actions involved following this scandal?

What are the next steps of SALT Entertainment?

Will Kim Seon Ho be able to survive this scandal and stage a comeback after this?

Stay tuned.


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