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EXCLUSIVE: Kisses Delavin Goes Beyond Expectations In Show Business And In Life


“I have this friend [back in high school] na hilig kong pirmahan 'yung side ng notebook n’ya. Sabi n’ya itatago n’ya 'yung notebook kasi baka maging artista raw ako,” reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother alum Kisses Delavin vividly recalls. “Hanggang ngayon may communication pa rin kami. Tinago pala ng friend ko 'yung notebook.”

Memories are extremely powerful things, so much so that when asked about what keeps her grounded, Kisses had this particular memory on top of her mind. Despite her achievements today as an up-and-coming young star, this memory brings her back to that time when becoming a celebrity was a dream too far-fetched for her to achieve, and it constantly serves as a source of motivation. Back then, December meant keeping their family's tradition of completing the Simbang Gabi; now, she's also gearing up for her first Metro Manila Film Festival movie.

The survivor of her mother’s eight miscarriages, Kisses also had viral encephalitis when she was six. Her mere existence is a miracle, that's why she makes sure to live her life the best way she can, and shows no signs of backing down.


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Pushing oneself

2018 has been a blessed year for this young star, and she's ending it on a high note as she's part of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 entry Fantastica with Vice Ganda as well as her love team partner Donny Pangilinan, Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Loisa Andalio, and Ronnie Alonte. It is this multi-talented girl’s first foray into the exciting yet challenging world of comedy, so she feels grateful for the opportunity to learn the ropes from no less than the phenomenal box-office star, Vice Ganda.

Inalis ko 'yung pagka-shy ko na mag-comedy kasi ganu'n din sila Kuya Richard [Gutierrez] at Kuya Dingdong [Dantes]. Hindi rin sila sanay sa comedy at magpa-kengkoy pero ginawa nila for this movie,” explains Kisses who plays Ariela, one of the three princesses featured in Fantastica.

Kisses shares that everyone in the set was easy to work with and that it was indeed a great experience to be surrounded by the industry’s finest comedians, such as Vice Ganda and Tsokoleit. This is why she was brave enough to add that “kung ano'ng mga ipinagawa nila sa akin, ginawa ko kasi I trust them and I went with the flow.”



Kisses loves documenting her on- and off-cam moments with her Vivo V11 phone. Her favorite feature of her smartphone? The camera, of course! "Ang ganda ng camera ng Vivo," she exclaims, adding that she specifically likes playing with the stickers that come with the camera. Vivo V11 boasts of the A.I. Camera, which allows for perfect shots anytime or at any condition with state of the art recognition and enhancement software and Machine Learning technology.



Finding the silver lining

A humble personality and open-mindedness are just two of the beautiful things about Kisses that truly endears her to many.

“Every person I meet is superior in some way,” she shares. “May mga alam sila na hindi ko alam kaya whenever I would meet my co-actors or any other person on set, I just open my mind so I can learn more from them,” Kisses tells Metro.Style.

Among the many lessons she has learned from actively being in show business for almost two years is that “lahat ng work may hard part, kahit ano'ng work pa 'yan, kagaya ng pag-aartista. Lahat may mahirap na parts and you just have to find that silver lining that will make you feel that everything you’re doing is worth it.”

In the era of social media when everything is within reach at the click of a button, negativity from bashers quickly reach her, too. She used to cry because of it but now she has turned the tables and used the negativity to propel her to greater heights.

She adds, “Find that silver lining, that reason for you to push through [despite the negativity]. If you find that, you’ll believe in what you do. And when you believe in what you do, great things happen kasi naniniwala ka sa sarili mo at sa ginagawa mo.”




Getting to know Donny

Although she's far from her hometown, Masbate, Kisses takes comfort in the fact that she's always safe, happy, and secure in the company of the people she holds dear. It definitely helps that she is surrounded by people who lift her higher, with her parents taking the number 1 spot, followed by her fans and supporters, and of course, colleagues like Donny.

“One thing I like most about him is that he is Donny. He is himself,” she says of her onscreen partner and one-half of the #DonKiss love team. “He is a gentleman and I really appreciate how he was raised by his parents. He is a genuine person and 'yung friendship namin ay sincere.”

Sharing a cute story with Donny, Kisses says, "I really appreciated nu'ng nag-shoot kami for a movie. Bumili s'ya ng fish balls for himself then he bought one for me too. Na-appreciate ko lang kasi I love fish balls and I felt that his gesture was sincere.”



Family is love

Because of the sudden boost in her career, she has already prepared herself about the fact that she might not be able to spend her Christmas the way she used to in Masbate.

Nag-sisimbang gabi kaming family. 3 a.m. pa lang gising na kami and looking forward to the Mass at puto bumbong,” she recounts. “We never missed a single Mass noon.

“I won’t get to go home to Masbate [for Christmas] but it doesn’t change anything,” she says. “Sabi nga sa isang quote na home is where the people you love are. My home is in Masbate, but here, my parents are always with me.”



Photography by Paolo Pineda

Creative Direction by Chookie Cruz

Sittings Editors: Geolette Esguerra and Grace Libero-Cruz

Makeup by Justine Navato

Hairstyling by Mong Amado

Styling by Perry Tabora

Shoot assistant: Cara Tirona