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The Korean Actors And Actresses You Should Follow On IG Now!

Keep up with your favorites! To feed your curiosity, we listed down the must-follow K-celebs on Instagram

Metro.Style can relate! After finishing a satisfying K-drama, you just have to know more about the actors and actresses who starred in your favorite series and made you feel a whole wide range of emotions.

So, attention K-drama fans! Get insta-updates and keep up with your favorite Korean actors and actresses. While you’re reeling from the emotional effects of your just-concluded K-drama binge-watch session, you can take this opportunity to get closely acquainted to your fave by following them on Instagram.

Don’t be left behind, start following these K-celebrities and swoon over their IG-worthy pics, adventures and antics that will help you get to know them better. Who knows? You might find that you actually share a thing or two in common. 

Scroll through the gallery below for our recommendations:

Lead photos from @rachel_mypark @bn_sj2013 @dlwlrma