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EXCLUSIVE: Slater Young Reveals What He Loves Most About His Fiancée Kryz Uy

With a wedding fast approaching, bride-to-be Kryz Uy reminisces all her best memories of fiancé Slater Young and reflects on what the future holds while continuing to live in the present in her signature way—freely, positively, and with a whole lot of style. 

Scroll down, too, to read what Slater has to say about his wife-to-be.



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Since Kryz and Slater got engaged in February, their relationship has never been the same. Three years together have taught them much about each other, yet the prospect of sharing a lifetime together has stirred new musings about the kind of couple they'll be when they're officially husband and wife. 

As early as now, the blogger and influencer senses a shift in their dynamic; when they were once allowed to live separate lives and make decisions for themselves on their own, they now have to face new challenges as a united front, finding agreement and balance in the most life-changing of situations. 


?Look! Slater Young And Kryz Uy Start Building Their House In Cebu


Photo by Jan Gonzales




It's all begun with the wedding (Kryz has taken charge, and Slater has figured out when and where to step in. He trusts her completely to know what's best, but at the same time, she knows, too, when to run things by him), and it's being closely followed by the construction of their home (a project that sees this couple turn the tables; this is Slater's territory, but he lets Kryz chime in from time to time). 

Unchartered territory these things may be, but Kryz and Slater have definitely remained steady and composed. If anything, they've become stronger, proving to themselves yet again that they were made to last and complement each other throughout all of life's most unforgettable times. 


Look! Kryz Uy And Slater Young Get Officially "Chinese Engaged" In Their Ting Hun!


Facing the realness of her upcoming transition from Ms. to Mrs., Kryz thinks back on all the most recent memories she's made with her leading man, Slater: 



The ting hun

In case you missed it, both Kryz and Slater come from Filipino-Chinese families. That means a traditional Chinese engagement party, a.k.a. a ting hun, was definitely in the stars for them, and lucky for both of them, they understood its significance and embraced the experience with a sense of openness.

Best of all, the two shared a ton of laughs during the formal event; Kryz has admitted that because of not being a hundred percent familiar with all ting hun ceremonies, she missed a couple of steps along the way, but her fiancé was there to keep things lighthearted and fun, regardless.   


EXCLUSIVE: Engaged Couple Slater Young And Kryz Uy On The Bright Future That Lies Ahead Of Them


The bachelor and bachelorette parties

That's right, both Kryz and Slater have both gone through these rites of passage before exchanging "I dos!"

His was held in Bali with his childhood friends, while hers was spent in Las Vegas with her fellow influencers, closest friends, and family. Funnily, Kryz tells the story of how she "reminded" Slater's friends to make sure he had a good time because she knew that her gal pals had a bunch of activities lined up for her. (She wanted both of them to come home armed with stories to tell each other—not just her!)

Her only condition? Slater needs to come home uharmed in one piece, and definitely no tattoos!



Dancing to the top! ???????? other words, topdancing. ?? — ?? : @onethreeonefour

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The pre-nup shoot

New Zealand became the venue for this stylish couple's beautiful pre-wedding photo shoot from just a couple of months ago. 

Treating the trip more like a vacation, Kryz fell in love with Slater's relaxed approach to getting things done all over again. "Chill" is an adjective she often uses to describe him, and it's certainly one of his qualities about him that she's most attracted to. It was a perfect portrait of what they're like as a couple: easygoing and easily amenable to the flow, rather than resistant, demanding, and inflexible. 

(Still on the topics of trips, Kryz recalls that their San Francisco trip in particular—their first long-haul flight together—flipped an internal switch, signaling that Slater could be "The One," indeed. They didn't argue about schedules at all, didn't disagree about how to go about their day until it was time to head home to Manila). 


The construction 

Only a few things can make a couple butt heads the same way as working together on the specifics of their new, shared, family home together. One spouse might fancy a design over another while the other could be dreaming of something totally different, making the process a recipe for disaster—but not for Kryz and Slater.

Even something as major as building a home together is an opportunity for the two to bond and discover new things about each other. For the first time, Kryz is feeling the direct impact of Slater's expertise as an engineer and has developed a newfound appreciation for a husband with a career like his. 



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The familes

It was a shock (of the good kind) when Kryz and Slater came to the realization that their families were, in fact, getting along just fine. Their similar upbringing and roots in Cebu were definitely factors in bringing everyone together, but what she remembers most was Slater's confidence in reaching out to her relatives first. 

It's a tough situation for many Chinese couples; attempts to become part of the family too soon, too fast can easily send the wrong message, but Slater figured out the formula almost instantly. Kryz's family warmed up to him, winning the hearts over, too, in no time. 


And of course, the wedding

A wedding involves two people, but no one can deny that the special occasion is still a lot more special for the bride. 

Such is the case for Kryz and Slater who are both looking forward to the big day, but with Slater simply being as supportive as possible in majority of his soon-to-be wife's decisions.

He knows all the planning stresses her out from time to time; he makes the effort to alleviate the burden in the ways he knows best. He knows that she has a vision for the big day; he makes no complaints or oppositions, respecting her decisions all the way. He knows that this is going to be a day they'll both cherish forever; his contribution to their happily ever after is making sure they'll have a home to move into straight away, where they can start their lives together without hassle. 



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