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Look! Kryz Uy And Slater Young Get Officially "Chinese Engaged" In Their Ting Hun!

After getting engaged in March, businessman Slater Young and his fiancée, digital influencer Kryz Uy, make things extra official with a ting hun!



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ting hun, or a Chinese engagement ceremony, is essentially the Chinese-Filipino community's version of a pamamanhikan. The familes of the bride and groom get together to formally (and happily!) acknowledge the up and coming union of their clans, and of course, to give tribute to the couple whose love is in the spotlight. 

For Slater and Kryz, who both have Chinese roots, organizing the ceremony wasn't just done for fun, but one way for them to honor their culture and family's heritage. The couple participated in traditional ting hun activities like serving family members with tea as a show of respect, holding the event at the bride's home, the bride walking backwards to meet her groom, decorating with joyous colors, and dressing in beautiful ensembles. 



When it came to Kryz's glowing look, hairstylist @criieszha and makeup artist @wowshyra glammed her up for the special day, while designer @ronaldenrico was the creative mind behind her eye-catching dove gray lace dress that featured a thigh-high slit, sheer back, and halter neckline. Rock Paper Scissors Photo captured the day's best moments. Slater, on the other hand, was dressed simply in a classic black suit with a button-down that matched his bride-to-be's dress. 


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This couple's ting hun is the second milestone they've hit since getting engaged, the first being the beginning of the construction of their home in Cebu.





Despite the stormy weather on their ting hun's date, this couple's happiness couldn't have been dampened by even the rainiest of days. Both Slater and Kryz took to Instagram to express their excitement about becoming a married couple soon, with Slater writing "One more step to forever with you love," and Kryz penning her own sweet caption that read "How can life get better than this?" 


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Sharing the most special (the funniest) scenes from her ting hun, Kryz also filled her Instagram stories with snaps from the event that you shouldn't miss. Featuring Slater, their families, and other guests, the photos revealed that the event was definitely a happy success, and the most perfect way to start the next chapter of their love story. 

See more photos from the party below!









Photos from @kryzzzie @thatguyslater