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Kuh Ledesma Talks About Growing In Faith During The COVID-19 Pandemic

In this interview, the veteran singer highlights the importance of putting our faith and hope in God during these difficult times

With all the news revolving around COVID-19, it could really be a struggle to get past our pandemic fears. It’s no easy feat to cope with crippling anxiety as we are confined in our own homes, with limited physical displays of love and affection from our nearest and dearest. That’s why, veteran singer Kuh Ledesma is holding on to God for some light and positivity during these trying times.

“If my thought is negative, but in my heart, I truly believe that God is my strength, He is my protector, He is my provider, and He loves me deeply that he gave His one and only Son for me so that I may make it one day to heaven, and for me to have an abundant life, then what do I have to worry about?” she tells Metro.Style, adding that this is the reason why she always chooses to focus on good news and stories. “There can be COVID-19 or whatever disease, cancer, and this and that, but the Bible says, ‘The name of Jesus is the name above all names.’ What names? Cancer, COVID-19, high blood pressure. For me, hold on to the powerful name of Jesus Christ and His promises.”


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The enhanced community quarantine is a great time for some life reflection that can make us better people not only to those around us, but also to our Lord. She couldn’t stress enough the importance of apologizing to God for our shortcomings and putting our hope in Him each day. “If you [have] hope in God, Siya ang bahala na kilusin ang mga puso ng mga taong tutulong sa inyo,” she says. “Ang gagawin nalang natin ay maniwala at humingi, maniwala nang buong puso, at bigkasin mo kung ano ang gusto mo. Sabihin mo, ‘Lord, you are my hope, you are my salvation, I will not fear anything because you are with me. In Jesus' name, Amen.’”

Kuh has been dedicating most of her days to prayer in a quiet part of her house. “I look out and I see the beautiful, all full-grown trees, the flowers and the birds, and I’m able to pray silently,” she shares. This includes listening to gospel songs that serve as an endless source of inspiration for the singer. “So a song like, ‘What A Beautiful Name,’ that’s such a powerful song,” says Kuh, singing a few lines from it. “Ang ganda-ganda ng song na 'yan.”


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To this day, music is still a huge part of Kuh’s life, it seems. Many can recall tuning in to her hit songs like “Till I Met You,” which still gets people asking her to perform it until now. “It has touched so many hearts in this country kahit 40 plus years na ako sa business, I’m still, you know, singing that song. People are still requesting it and the people are still appreciating it,” she shares. 

For her, that’s what the 80s was all about. A lot of songs released during that era have somehow set a standard for good songs, so much so that such masterpieces have proven their timelessness from generation to generation. “So many songs from the 80s will never die. And you know, a lot of people now—'yung mga kabataan ngayon—they never heard the other songs from before and when they hear it, they go, ‘Where did that come from? That’s amazing.’ Amazing songs can really pass the test of time.”


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Kuh is impressed by young singers like Jonalyn Viray and KZ Tandingan who seem to exemplify their passion for music at their best. “These kids are talagang serious about their love for singing. So very professional and also they turn the song into another song but may puso. So for me, that’s something that I really admire,” she declares. 

Her daughter Isabella makes an incredible singer, too. “Kapag narinig niyo siya, she’s a ball of fire. That means, talagang give na give 'pag kumakanta,” she continues. “Maganda talaga ang boses ni Isabella, but she reserves that first, you know, her singing for special moments. So hopefully, we will see her more in the future.”


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While we’re ready to be amazed by Kuh’s vocal prowess at the upcoming Metro Safe & Sound: The Unplugged Music Video Series, she wants to focus on singing inspirational songs for now. “Yes, I do want love songs pero gusto ko double meaning. P'wede sa minamahal mo dito sa mundo at p'wede pa rin kay Lord,” she says.

She is also looking forward to collaborating with renowned singer-songwriter Cecile Azarcon with whom she shares the same religious beliefs. “I know that she is such an amazing worshipper and a true believer of the Word of God. So I know that if I ask her to do something, the lyrics are going to be the safe side na hindi ako bibigyan ng mga lyrics na medyo malabo, alam niyo 'yon? Alam niyang hindi ko na kakantahin 'yung mga ganon kasi I’m a firm believer of the power of words,” she explains.

It’s also the perfect timing for such, while the world is being transformed by God, Kuh continues. “Ang pinaka-importante ngayon, everything after this COVID-19, whatever I make is really to move, to share what is good about Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the Gospel, and for people to understand first and foremost dito sa mga kababayan natin sa ating bansa 'yung kaligtasan—salvation,” she says, sending out a message of hope to all. “Kasi 'yun 'yung pinaka-importante, that we are assured of salvation—that whatever happens, kunin man tayo ng Panginoon, then nakakasigurado tayo na makakapasok tayo sa langit and be with Him, our Creator.”

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