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Kylie Jenner Gears Up For Motherhood—Literally—In A $1.4M Ferrari From Boyfriend Travis Scott

It looks like all Kylie Jenner needs now is a baby seat for her newborn daughter Stormi, after she was gifted with a million-dollar set of wheels by boyfriend Travis Scott.

The new ride is none other than a Ferrari LaFerrari, a limited edition automobile from the Italian sports car manufacturer. Only 500 units of the car were ever made, all of which reportedly sold out even before anyone could even learn about its existence! Aside from the car being an obvious status symbol, Kylie fans are guessing that Travis picked the LaFerrari in particular because of its similarity to his pseudonym, LaFlame.



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The new mom who is known to love powerful cars adds the expensive push present to her eye-watering collection that already includes a Land Rover, Range Rover Autobiography, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, two Rolls-Royces, namely a Ghost and a Wraith, a Ferrari Spider, and a white Ferrari.

She was seen taking her four-wheeled baby out for a spin a couple of days ago when she headed over to fashionable Californian favorite, Nobu, for lunch. Accompanied by best friend Jordyn Woods and Travis, the 20-year-old finally reappeared on social media after being MIA for months. It was also the first time she and Travis were photographed together since she told the world on February 4 that she had given birth to Stormi on February 1.



Almost looking like a real-life Batmobile, the car was proudly shown off by Kylie on social media. Fans were quick to double tap, like, and share, with many of them ecstatic over the resurfacing of their reality TV show idol in their feeds. Considering that the car runs on a 788-horsepower V12 engine and can go from zero to 60 mph in under three seconds, Kendall's sister has all the reason to brag about her new set of wheels!

The Kylie-Travis lunch date also seems to have fuelled fears about the young couple's split during her pregnancy. Would a committed boyfriend drop a million dollars on a gift for an ex-girlfriend who's just given birth to their first child? It doesn't seem likely!



Right now, weeks-old Stormi has yet to grow up and make us coo over her baby photos, but we're already guessing that she'll love cars just as much as her stylish mom does. We're guessing she'd love to get her hands on any of the Ferraris, but we're willing to bet the gem of all Kylie's cars, the LaFerrari, will be uncontested.

Regardless of her daughter's future choice in car and where Kylie will bring her new ride to, we'll be sure to give you the latest developments in the ongoing Kardashian-Jenner saga!


Photo from @kyliejenner