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Kylie Jenner Turns 21! Check Out The Three Personal Milestones She Celebrated On Her Special Day

At just 21 years old, reality star turned makeup mogul Kylie Jenner already has a myriad of experiences to look back on.



QUEEN matte lip from the Birthday Minis available now ??

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Unlike most women her age who have yet to discover what life has to offer, Kylie has already begun her own journey of motherhood, enjoyed record-breaking entrepreneurial success, and basked in recognition of her soaring business—all in the months leading up to her special day. 

Thanks to Kylie's (extremely) active presence on social media, her 112 million Instagram and 25.3 million Twitter followers have all kept abreast of the things that have made her happiest, including all the milestones she's recently hit that helped make her a beaming 21-year-old on her August 10 birthday. This Leo-born beauty who has spent most, if not all, of her youth in the public eye has mastered the art of captivating her audience and has since shared her life's biggest moments with them without miss.  


To share in Kylie's happiness on this joyful occasion, check out three of the best things that have happened in her life before she hit 21:



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Hello, Stormi Webster!

After dodging cameras for months, Kylie finally shared her pregnancy with the world earlier this year. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Stormi Webster, in February and has been co-parenting her with longtime partner, rapper Travis Scott. Though many were worried that Kylie's youth and on-the-go lifestyle would distract her from the responsibilities of motherhood, this first-time mom has been proving everyone wrong and managing to balance socials, parenting, and work gracefully. 

Photos of this mother-daughter duo often make it to Kylie's social media feeds, many of which show the pair bonding over Kylie's many loves, including cosmetics and fashion. The six-month-old baby might still be too little to walk or utter her first words, but she's already used to being surrounded by the finer things in life! 

For her birthday, Kylie released two specially shot images of her and Stormi that had the sweetest captions to accompany them. 




my heart

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A warm welcome to Forbes' top tier 

Kylie shocked the world when she was named by Forbes Magazine as the youngest self-made billionnaire that they've ever recognized. Appearing on the prestigious magazine's August digital cover, the story of Kylie's business, Kylie Cosmetics, was detailed in full and interlaced with elegant pictures of the cosmetics giant. 

Claiming that Kylie's lightning-fast rise to the top eclipsed that of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and even Microsoft's Bill Gates (both earned their first billion later in life), the magazine feature was stirring and revealed a different side of Kylie who first became known as a regular on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she was a mere 10-year-old. 

It was the first time that Kylie as a businesswoman was formally recognized and considered to be an industry force to reckon with. 




Beauty unstoppable

Much to the delight of her avid followers and her makeup brand's fanatics, Kylie released yet another limited collection that includes her classic combo of Lip Kits, highlighters, and eye shadows. The product was executed in honor of her 21st birthday and done in the same fashion as her special collections honoring her daughter's birth and celebrating summer. It's the third birthday collection she's released since establishing her beauty empire in 2016. 

Describing the recent release as something more "personal" to her, Kylie's choice of palette for the collection include lots of bright and bold tones and glittery finishes rather than purely matte products—looks which we've seen her wear as of late and reflect her current tastes at 21. 

As it seems, Kylie is always two, or even three steps, ahead of the game and knows exactly where to take her business to catch her fans' fancy. It's safe to say that much more can be expected from this 21-year-old who's got the world at her fingertips!




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