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In Photos: Robin And Mariel Padilla Threw Kylie Padilla A Surprise Baby Shower!

The blue and white-themed event was held in Museo de Padilla

Kylie Padilla, who is pregnant with her second son, was surprised with a baby shower organized by her dad and stepmom Robin and Mariel Padilla, and husband Aljur Abrenica earlier this week. The intimate, for-family event was held at the Padilla family's ancestral home fondly called Museo de Padilla; it featured a beautifully decorated setup, games for guests, a kids' play area, musical performances, and a catered dinner by Juan Carlo

As Kylie and Aljur had previously revealed that they were expecting a little boy to join their family of three, Mariel (who is also expecting and in her third trimester!) made sure that all details, big and small, would be done in pretty hues of blue and white.

All in all, the surprise turned out to be a huge success as it remained a secret, up to the very last minute.

Kylie made sure to express her happiness about all the thoughtfulness that went into preparing for the event, even joking that she and Aljur had had arguments about his uncharacteristic silence over the last few days (she admitted that she has since realized that it was just him trying his best to keep his lips sealed!). 

Her stepmom, however, got her very own shout-out as the mastermind of the heartwarming evening and assured her that she would let her baby (whose name hasn't been revealed yet) know about all the love that she and Robin poured into it. 

"Thank you everyone! Na surprise talaga ako. Tita @marieltpadilla and papa @robinhoodpadilla thank you again for making these magical moments happen 😭 I’ll be making sure AR knows everything you do for him," Kylie wrote. 

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NicePrint Photo was there to capture all the best moments beginning with Kylie's arrival up to when the feast began and everyone left with hearts bursting with joy. 

For your own baby shower inspo and to see more details and touching scenes from this unforgettable event in Kylie's life, scroll through the gallery below!

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