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"Music Transcends Language:" KZ Tandingan's Mandarin Performance On "Singer 2018" Wows

Music knows no language barrier. It just communicates with the heart.

KZ Tandingan proved just that in her recent Mandarin performance of the "The Pain Which You Don't Know" in China's number one singing competition on TV, Singer 2018. The audience was brought to tears as she performed a heartfelt Chinese medley onstage. 



music transcends language ??

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Before she hit the stage, she mentioned that she wants to dedicate her performance to the Chinese audience. "I want to show my respect to the Chinese audience, Chinese culture, Chinese music," KZ says. "What's good about taking risks especially at this point of the competition [is that it] shows how serious you are with your craft."

The performance ranked her sixth out of eight in the episode. The average of her previous ranking and this episode’s ranking led her to become one of the regular contenders on the show.

Although her emotional stage presentation was ranked sixth in the episode, KZ has surely snagged the top spot when it comes to pulling the heartstrings of the audience. While studio audience were brought to tears, some YouTubers have been inspired to post reviews on KZ's Mandarin song cover on their channels. 

An American YouTuber was moved by KZ's Mandarin performance, saying, "She's incredible. Normally, singers have facial expressions that coincide with what they're singing. But if my eyes were closed while watching that, I'd be able to hear in her tonality the pain."



As of this writing, KZ's performance video has been viewed 2,460,139 times on YouTube. Heartwarming comments have poured in about the singer's flawless interpretation of the sentimental song. 

One user by the name of Jerry Zhang commented, "Listened 4 times in 2 days...cried 4 times. BTW, I'm Chinese. She is amazing."

Another said, "I'm Filipino by birth, didn't understand a word of it but I was crying the whole time which is proof of the universality of music. Kudos to the Chinese musician who came up with such a beautiful melody and KZ for delivering it so well and with a lot of respect."

Recently, KZ also made headlines when she ranked number one on her first appearance on the show, beating international pop singer Jessie J. Her jazz take on the song "Rolling In the Deep," with her Filipino rap lines, left an impression that she could be one of the strong contenders in the show. KZ was only a challenger, but is now a regular contestant on the show and will be appearing in the succeeding episodes. The show entails that a challenger be part of the top 4 in order to secure a regular slot.  

With her remarkable performances, KZ is being rooted by global fans to stay on until the April 13 live finale of the show.