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LIVE UPDATES: Star Magical Prom 2023

Join us for a night to remember with the young stars of Star Magic! Check out this page for live updates!

We're looking forward to another night of fashion, beauty, and celebration with the first ever Star Magical Prom 2023, featuring the young Star Magic artists! Witness this beautiful event of "love, friendship, and magic" for the next generation of talents of Star Magic. 

Watch this space for livestream and for live updates from Metro! 

And they all came prepared in their young and hip prom outfits, inspired by royalty, Bridgerton, film and pop culture, and other references. These are some of the arrivals on the Star Magical Prom ivory carpet. 

Hosted by VJ Ai dela Cruz, the ivory carpet coverage began at around 6PM and ended by 9PM with the arrival of DonBelle. During the carpet coverage, she asked the stars about their outfit and gown inspiration, what they're looking forward to that night, and for the couples in attendance, their promposals.