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Here's How Liz Uy Is Spending The Holidays


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Celebrity stylist and digital influencer Liz Uy loves the holidays. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and build memories with family. She has countless favorite Christmas stories, but one of the most striking is the time she visited Fukuoka with her partner.

“It (was) a new city (for us and) it was Christmas. The Japanese are very quiet and timid but you feel the festive energy around you,” she says. “When you go there, it’s really more of an eating vacation, so that’s what we did. It's as simple as we would go to the beach—because there’s a beach there—and we would eat at the stalls, just simple but it was a very fun. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but it was a very sweet trip.”

This year, she's spending the Christmas season in Manila. “I’ll probably spend it here with my family. I feel like I’ve been traveling so much through the year because of work so it would be nice to just stay home and be with my loved ones,” she explains.


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Though most of her friends will be heading to colder climes (“Isabelle will probably go to France because her husband is from there originally and George will be in London”), this doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to celebrate the season with each other.

“We have a Christmas party when everyone is there. We make sure that we all know the schedules of each other so we make sure that we do the party pre the traveling, so that we’re all present,” Liz says. “So it’s a huge one—not just the four of us, more like our extended extended friends.”

She breaks down the party responsibilities, which have been honed over the years: The party is always held in Georgina Wilson’s house. Isabelle Daza usually hires a photographer. The food is always catered by Kai, a restaurant owned by Sunnies Studios partners Eric and Bea Dee. “We have exchange gifts. It’s really fun. No recycled gifts so we really have to buy a good gift and... there’s going to be a twist in the end. And then we have balloons, there’s going to be a theme. But intimate because it’s (close friends), but a big group,” she says.


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When asked how she keeps fit this season, she laughs and says, “Keep fit? I don’t. It’s the holidays.”

She does, however, keep her beauty regimen. “Moisturize, but holiday or not, I do that,” she says. “Drink lots of water to hydrate within, and I would say stay happy, because it shows.”

As a stylist, it’s been Liz’s job to find the outfit that perfectly matches her client. She applies this same talent to choosing gifts for all occasions. This requires serious shopping skills. She shares a tip on finding thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated:

“Be a wise shopper. Just because it’s the holidays, you can’t say ‘p'wede na 'yan, nagmamadali ako.’ What we did with my styling team last year or two years ago is we put together a styling kit for everyone. It’s so useful, and they use it until now. That’s given with love so even if it’s not expensive or fancy, it’s something that they will use. There’s lint remover, sewing kit, Hollywood tape, and deodorant remover—all that magagamit especially since they’re celebrities.”


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The holidays are a great time to reflect on what the past year has brought us. For Liz, it’s always a time to give gratitude to all the opportunities that have come her way, and to all the people she shares her life with. One of the reasons she enjoys the season so much is her outlook, which can be summed up by her personal mantra: “Have zero regrets. Life is amaze!”

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