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Even The Dead Came Out To Play At Liza Soberano And Enrique Gil's All-Out Haunted Halloween Party

Celebrating all things eerie, spooky, and creepy has never been this much fun. 



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It was all thanks to Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, the fully invested hosts of the most epic Halloween party we've seen in years. This wasn't your regular get-together; their guests were requested to come as the scariest pop culture icons of horror they could think of (or as an alternative for the more gentle-spirited, recognizable characters from films) to be in theme with this "Haunted Halloween Party." 


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With glam teams and stylists to bring celebs' chosen spooky looks to life, the results were nothing short of amazing—or downright frightening, depending on how you feel about uber-realistic Halloween costumes!

Let's start with the hosts: Liza wowed the crowd as gender-bent Pennywise from It, complete with his amber-yellow eyes, fiery orange hair, and yes, even his crooked lips that open up to a soul-consuming mouth when prey is near. Enrique was just as tough-looking and committed to his chosen character: graphic novel baddie The Joker, whose Jared Leto reincarnation—silver-plated teeth, tattoos, and all—was his inspiration. 



Wanna play? @lizasoberano Styled by @perrytabora Makeup: @brigiding Hair by @santiagoraymond #HauntedHollywoodParty ??

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On the other hand, celebrity guests didn't disappoint and refused to be overshadowed.


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Singer Darren Espanto arrived in full Beetlejuice gear, proudly showing off his stripes and deadened eyes (all makeup, of course!), while Sue Ramirez was cute and smiley in her Mia Thermopolis (a.k.a. Anne Hathaway's role in The Princess Diaries) school outfit, and the hosts' fellow love team Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber rocked Annabelle and Chucky ensembles without missing a beat. 




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Chucky X Annabelle Make up l @jarwin09 Hair l @jaymarlahaylahay Using @lynellehair Wig

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Looking around the venue, an abundance of skull-headed merrymakers, fans of Valak (Insidious' nightmarish demon-nun), Billy the Puppet imitators, Hellboys, zombies, murderous clowns, bloodthirsty vampires, fallen angels, and even a Regan (The Exorcist's head-spinning, profanity-spewing little girl), Wednesday Addams, cardinal, Audrey Hepburn and Pablo Escobar were all present—there wasn't a plain face in sight!


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Activities to keep guests on their feet were also aplenty. A donut-eating contest was put into motion, while a strategy breakout room, death-inspired photo booth, beer pong, and Instagrammable nooks and crannies of macabre and melancholy were all there for everyone to enjoy. 

The pressure is on to top this party in next year's round of Halloween events!


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