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LizQuen's "Alone/Together" Teaser Has Dropped, And We Can't Stop Analyzing It

The latest film to feature Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil is just three weeks away from its opening day and we're excited!



Traydor ang mga alaala. #AloneTogether in cinemas February 13, 2019

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Alone/Together, a romantic drama brought to nationwide audiences by Black Sheep PH, has the fresh-faced Liza playing Christine and Enrique embodying Raf. While she's a doe-eyed art student enrolled at the Univesity of the Philippines that's full of promise and dreams, he's a biology student from the University of Santo Tomas who's content with getting by as long as he makes it to graduation. 

Academically and in the depth of their ambitions, they're on opposite sides of the spectrum. 


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But in matters of love and the special place they've reserved for each other, they dance to the same beat, seeing each other eye to eye in knowing—or rather, assuming—that they'll forever be by each other's side. That is, until graduation does come, and the rest of life unfolds. 


Watch the trending teaser, which reached over 5.4 million views in just 24 hours, below to get a feel of what the movie has in store. 



It's clear, the two fall in love as idealistic students, but cut to some years in the future and they're no longer together—no longer friends and familiar with each other, at that. 

She's grown up and so has he, but apart they've grown to be, too. 


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Answers to the question about the awkward space wedged between a previously inseparable pair remain unanswered. The most we get is a tearful Christine who meets with Raf in their old spot at her alma mater's most beloved hangouts, but the warmth that once lit up their interactions feels totally extinguished. 

We're guessing that the realities (i.e.: the very real detours and disappointments of adulthood) didn't spare them, and a rude awakening about paths not always being smooth and clear must have tested their relationship, their bond unable to take the strain. 



Liza Soberano. Enrique Gil. Alone. Together. Watch the teaser on our IGTV channel. #AloneTogetherTeaser

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The teaser trailer proved to be so effective at getting LizQuen's legions of fans talking that it will hit a major milestone almost instantly; the minute-long video has been viewed at least a million times, in under three hours of its release. 

No matter how many times we've seen Christine and Raf transition from happy college students to jaded young adults, we speculate (and hope for!) a happy ending between them nonetheless, but only a trip to the theater when Alone/Together opens on February 13 will truly spell out their fate.

If you've got other ideas about the Christine-Raf split, let us know; we'd love to get into the nitty-gritty details of this love story that's sure to make waves with audiences this year. 


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