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Liza Soberano Stays Positive Despite Another Health Setback

She's pretty, she's cheerful, she's stylish and talented. And as it turns out, she's one heck of a fighter, too!

Liza Soberano, despite what her dainty looks might lead you to believe, proved her innate hardiness this week and gave her fans a whole new reason to admire her.

After almost a month of social media silence, the actress spoke out on Instagram about her voluntary online absence, sharing that a bone infection—a complication she developed from a prior injury—was what kept her low-key.

But not to worry; she's doing a-okay, and however serious the condition might sound, she assures that it's nothing she can't handle. 


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Hi everyone!!! I know I’ve been M.I.A these past few weeks and I’m sorry for not updating you guys sooner. My managers and I decided to take this time for me to recover fully. I came to LA almost 3 weeks ago thinking I would be here for only 2 weeks. I was supposed to have surgery to remove my plates but, it turns out that we were dealing with more than just protruding hardware. During surgery the doctor discovered that my bone wasn’t healed and that I also had a bone infection (no one is to blame for the infection it just happens sometimes). So now I’m taking anti-biotics through a picc line on my left arm. As soon as my infection is clear I will have my 2nd (and possibly 3rd) surgery. Thats pretty much it. I just want to thank my tita Joni, my managers and ABS-CBN for taking good care of me all throughout this process. Lizquens and Liza supporters thank you for all the get well soon messages. I love and miss all of you!! Please keep me in your prayers hehe. ??

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In case you missed it, Liza's physical well-being first took a turn for the worse in April 2018 when she injured her index finger on the set of Bagani, a TV series where she played one of its leading roles. 

Regardless of the immediate treatment Liza received, the injury remained and unfortunately caused her withdrawal from Darna, the highly-anticipated superhero film that was set to see her portray its titular character. (The rigorous training and multiple stunts required of her were simply posed too big of a risk for her recovery). 


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Two months after an official statement confirming her Darna exit was released, Liza's biggest update for her fans still wasn't the best news, though the 21-year-old has chosen to stay positive throughout her ordeal. 

Her Instagram post detailing what she's been going through behind closed doors for the past few weeks reveals that she's in fact beein in Los Angeles, California for at least three weeks receiving treatment for the stubborn injury. 

According to a recent checkup, it was discovered that her finger had not been healing as expected and that a bone infection needed to be treated alongside the original fracture. 


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She's currently on a dose of antibiotics to fight the infection and will soon prepare for another round of surgery once it clears. 

As daunting as it may sound, Liza ended her post with a sentence that packed a full punch of confidence: "That's pretty much it," she wrote.


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Rounding up her health update was a quick thank you to her ABS-CBN management team, her fans, and everyone inbetween who have been hoping for nothing but recovery for her. 

And like them, we too are sending good vibes her way! 

Get well soon, Liza!


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