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TikTok, Netflix, And Workouts—Here's How Local Celebs Are Spending Their Time Under Quarantine

Thinking of what to do for the weeks ahead? Take your cue from these celebrities!

It's best to put that clock away lest you keep staring at it and count the number of hours since the  enhanced community quarantine was imposed, and how many more hours will pass until it's lifted—for your sanity's sake! 

The mandate for Luzon residents to remain indoors as much as possible has had far-reaching effects on everyone, from office employees and big business owners, to full-time stay-at-home parents and informal workers, and even celebrities and their families. It's been tough for Filipinos far and wide to say the very least, but for those who are getting by and finding reasons to smile through it all, they wish to spread the joy to make light out of a difficult situation.

A handful of celebrities have reminded us not to lose our sense of humor at this time and be grateful for seeing the glass as half full, and to share the same with you, we've compiled some of the best photos and videos of them making the most out of their stay-at-home days below. 

Stay safe everyone!


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There's also Dimples Romana and her little boy making up some TikTok dance moves.

Kim Chiu sent a "message" to the coronavirus in Bisaya through TikTok.

Belle Daza using the viral soap and pepper experiment to explain to her son how washing your hands helps protect you from getting sick. 

Scarlet Snow is keeping up to speed with her schoolwork, despite having no classes for a few weeks.

Family time is on Saab Magalona's mind, too.

Same with Sarah Lahbati, who just got married and is enjoying time with her kids.

Coleen Garcia learns a new activity: mahjong! 

Here's Heart Evangelista hanging out with her Insta-famous pup, Panda.

Ruffa Gutierrez and Simba hit two birds with one stone: staying safely quarantined at home and cooling off as summer approaches. 

Solenn Heussaff shared an art activity you can try with the kids.

Dawn Zulueta appreciates that being under quarantine can be great for the family.

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🚫🛂 Community #quarantine began this weekend... when it felt to me like the world actually stopped spinning. There is an eeriness to the silence outside where car horns & the bustling of people usually pervade from sunrise to sunset 🚗🚌🚙 . . 📚🧹I’ve been taking the time to declutter, reorganize, and clean.. I’ve been spending more time in prayer and reflection 🛐 . . 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️ Lately, we’ve been enjoying our days together as a family.. prepping our meals, playing board games, conversing.. and digitally detoxing — just for good measure 📵 . . 🛋🪑 We cleared away the furniture in our living room since we’re not expecting to entertain guests any time soon.. and we placed our game table there, made it our makeshift family room . . 🙏🏼 I’m grateful for this no matter the danger or uncertainty that looms upon us.. I just want us to make the best of it, for there are truly many lessons to be learned in our circumstances now.. We all still have much to be thankful for ❤️ . . Stay at home and be safe, Folks 💐 May God bless You, May God bless us all 🙌☦️ #stayathome #covid_19

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Photos from @iloveruffag @iamhearte