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Look! 15 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings 

What's the next thing we want to know when news of a celebrity engagement crops up on our news feeds? What kind of ring the husband-to-be got his lady love, of course!  

Whether there's a cute backstory behind the rock or it's a family heirloom being passed on to the next generation, engagement rings have played big roles in weddings then and now. And when it comes to celebrities—the handful of people who can afford to buy the biggest and brightest of them all—we're just as excited as you are to get a glimpse of the extra special piece of jewelry that marks the beginning of wedded bliss.

Check out 15 of our favorite celebrity engagement rings and the love stories behind them here: 


Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka


Diamonds Are Forever... ??????

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We're hoping that this third engagement of hotel heiress Paris Hilton will finally end in "I do." She's been engagement twice in the past but has never been married, so when model boyfriend Chris Zylka proposed to her on a snowy mountaintop, we couldn't be happier for her. He surprised her with a ginormous pear-shaped ring reminiscent of her own mother's. 


Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerly


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Suicide Squad's Margot Robbie couldn't have announced her engagement in a better way. She debuted her ring on her Instagram account in December 2016 in a creative way, letting her personality shine just as bright as the diamond cradled by her finger. See the photo for yourself and try not to smile at the unconventional way this now-happy wife announced her happiness at getting engaged.  


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


You can't not include the most publicized engagement on this list! Getting ready to be married in less than a hundred days, the English Prince reportedly designed Meghan's engagement ring himself, using diamonds (the smaller ones beside the larger center diamond) that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana.  


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas 


She said yes.

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Remember when the only rings that concerned the Jonas brothers were their purity rings? This brother in particular, Joe, did a lot of growing up since those days and turned his attention to actress Sophie Turner. He asked her to marry him in 2017 and gave her this dainty engagement ring that suits her to a tee.  


Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington 


Rose Leslie with her engagement ring a few days ago ???? -

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Game of Thrones stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington have been playing it cool and keeping a low profile as an engaged couple. They even managed to keep their relationship secret for close to four years despite being two of the most recognizable actors of their time. But when it came to the sheer size of Rose's engagement ring, Kit didn't seem to hold back. It's also worth mentioning the very unique way they told the world about their engagement: it was done the old-fashioned way through a newspaper announcement!   


Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller 


This young couple got engaged while on a romantic safari in South Africa. Taking advantage of the breathtaking vistas and unending views of pure paradise, Miles proposed to his stunning girlfriend and gave her a ring deserving of her beauty. She's a successful young model, and he, an award-winning actor. It's a match made in Hollywood heaven!  


Kate Mara and Jamie Bell


This pair of versatile actors is already married. All this time, they've managed to keep their relationship details practically invisible from our radar, until Kate flashed her sizeable sparkler (perhaps unknowingly) in New York early last year, giving away their plans to tie the knot. Even after marriage, they've managed to keep their personal lives pretty private.  


Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons


It comes to no surprise that all the important milestones of Kirsten Dunst have been highly publicized throughout her life as she has been in the industry even before she hit her teens. Handling all the attention with grace and humility, the Hollywood starlet turned award-winning actress happily showed off her engagement ring during Paris Fashion week last year.  


Laura Prepon and Ben Foster 


See that sly look they have on their faces? That's them teasing the crowd into trying to figure out what they're really trying to say—which, at that time, was to announce their engagement by virtue of Laura debuting her solitaire on the red carpet. The two had known each other since they were teenagers, but only started dating way into adulthood and when they both had cemented their places in Hollywood. 


Samira Wiley and Lauren Morreli


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Laure Prepon isn't the only Orange is the New Black cast member to make on this list. Known LGBT advocates Samira Wiley and Lauren Morreli made headlines when they got engaged in 2016, and once again when they held their super fashionable wedding. Most importantly, the couple broke down stereotypes and challenged the "norm" for wedded couples with their bold move to get married.  


Idina Menzel and Aaron Lohr 


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The only "wicked" thing about Idina Menzel's engagement ring is how wickedly gorgeous it is. While her fans knew the couple got engaged, the first time they got a glimpse of the ring cementing Aaron's commitment to Idina was at the iHeart Radio Music Festival red carpet—where, we must say, Idina was also absolutely show-stoppingly hot.  


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Kim and Kanye have just welcomed their third child into the world, but before they became a married couple and proud parents, they got engaged. Kim (and the giant Kardashian-Jenner fandom) were nothing short of ecstatic when Kanye surprised her with a $4.5 million 20-carat emerald-cut diamond. It's one of the many, many high-end results of the billion-dollar partnership he closed with Adidas.  


Kate Upton and Justin Verlander 


After her five-year relationship with sports star Justin Verlander, Kate Upton became a beaming wife-to-be. The two stayed strong despite doubts of making it as a couple as they got into a serious relationship when the model turned actress was only 18. At 23, she proved that true, lasting love knows no age and can last through thick and thin if you heart is a hundred percent in it.  


Eva Longoria and Antonio Baston 


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For this couple, Dubai is a pretty memorable city as this is where Eva gave Antonio her "yes." The olive-skinned beauty was an extra lucky lady for receiving this piece of jewelry as her TV exec man was forward-thinking enough to pair her ring with earrings to match. Don't you wish that we could all get engagement sets, too?  


Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk


Fully healed from her previous marriage and believing that she's finally found the one she was meant to be with, Gwyneth Paltrow has been nothing but smiles and happiness thanks to the man who gave her the show-stopping engagement ring that's now always a part of her ensembles. It's as blue as the deepest sea and as bright as the sun—a great representation of Brad's love for his fiancée.