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Lovi Poe Wants To Tell You Her Own Way Of Being Body Positive

With a smile, she says, "Yes I am flat and proud." 



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This Metro cover girl is, of course, making a reference to how particular parts of her anatomy compare to those of more voluptuous women, i.e.: specimens of femininity considered to be the standards of female beauty. 


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Her statement goes to show that even for a woman of her influence, fame, and success, the pressures to sculpt one's body into a certain shape—to boast of particular measurements, even—spares no one. Yet despite the pressure that Lovi faces (perhaps even more so than girls and women who are not in the limelight and therefore safe from public scrutiny), she sends a message of body positivity and self-acceptance—regardless of cup size. 



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The 28-year-old captioned a photo with her words of support of the body love advocacy; the movement has quickly been gaining traction in the Philippines as of late, encouraging everyday folks and influential personalities alike, both male and female, to share their thoughts and personal experiences on the issue. The goal is to inspire others to ditch unattainable standards of physical "perfection" and, instead, be happy with the skin and body they're in. 


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The fact that the actress and model is also known to be a practitioner of active living is definitely a plus; holistic well-being is what she stands for, and is a role model for women all over the country to prioritize health over aesthetics. (After all, when you're healthy, your body pays you back with better muscle tone, a clearer complexion, and tighter silhouette!) 



With her bold statement, Lovi joins other celebrities who openly support body positivity like She Talks Asia's Iza Calzado and Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Karla Estrada, and Metro.Style Ageless Beauty Ina Raymundo.


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It's just one more thing to add to our list of reasons for why we love Lovi!


Photos from @lovipoe