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Arjo Atayde Made His Relationship With Maine Mendoza Instagram-Official

The gift, though invisible to the eye and not quite wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons, was better than anything Maine Mendoza could have wished for. She's been blessed with a new relationship, one important enough for her to defend, and with the courage to finally admit her new love even amidst opposition. 


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As for the man who now holds her heart? He's none other than actor Arjo Atayde, a co-star whose feelings for her extended from reel to real. To outsiders, their relationship was nothing out of the ordinary, maybe even a natural progression of two young people in show business interested in each other and wishing to get to know the other person better.


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However, to remind you, Maine isn't just an actress, model, singer, or endorser; the most prominent credit on her CV, to date, is being one half of "AlDub," one of the country's biggest love teams that have ever existed and whose fans are some of the most intensely dedicated primetime television has ever known. 

Maine's fans have expressed how affected they are that their idol has deviated from her on-screen romance with Alden Richards to be with Arjo instead. 



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They, alongside hundreds of rumormongers, have been at her heels since November when stories about her and Arjo first started making their rounds. She's kept mum about the subject since, but on her birthday, the 24-year-old took to the Internet to address all speculation once and for all. 

On her personal blog, she wrote, "It's true, I am dating Arjo. We have been going out for quite some time now..."


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It's safe to say that her words were pointed and firm, and were meant for those who felt that they had a say over her personal life. (In the same post, she spoke at length about the hobby of "fangirling" over a personality or show, but to be careful about now allowing the interest take over one's life). 

Expectedly, her fans (and a handful of ex-fans) had a lot to say about the monumental announcement, their comments divided between approval and disdain. 


Those who don't approve had these things to say: 








Others who have nothing but well-wishes for the new couple posted these messages: 







Returning the favor, Arjo posted an official announcement of his own—a visual one, this time, and one he intended to make her smile with on her birthday.

His Instagram now boasts of his first photo with Maine, and it's a cute and candid black and white image of the two sharing a hug with the caption, "My reason for being. Happy birthday to my main."

It's similarly the first time he's directly addressed rumors about their relationship, and he couldn't have done so in a better way. Combined, Maine and Arjo's posts definitely confirm that they're an item. 


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My reason for being. Happy birthday to my main. ??

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Considering the attention, both good and bad, Maine and Arjo have had to cruise through in the early stages of their relationship, this pair definitely deserves to be applauded for how they handled it all.

Having to deal with threats, online criticism, and unsolicited judgment might be enough to derail a budding romance in some cases, but not for them—the experience has simply brought them closer together and strengthened a foundation we hope will eventually be one to support a lasting relationship.


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