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Maisie Peters’ Upcoming Album Is One For The Good Witches

Singer-songwriter Maisie Peters lays her (tarot) cards on the table with her second album, "The Good Witch"

During her recent and first-ever visit to Manila—thanks to Warner Music PhilippinesMaisie Peters treated her fans to a two-day special and intimate showcase. Metro.Style was invited to the second showcase, which took place at The Studio, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, where we had the chance to talk to her about The Good Witch, her second album that’s scheduled to be released this coming June 16.



Turning life into lyrics

For her second album, Maisie went back to her roots and revisited why she started making music in the first place. As a storyteller, Maisie decided to immortalize the past year she had through songs.

“It’s not really a concept album but it chronicles my life last year, so I guess it conceptualizes my own life,” she began.  To walk her fans through her life and album, Maisie is currently sharing 15 tarot cards—one to symbolize a respective track on the album—on her Instagram account.

“I really like the idea of doing a song-by-song explanation before the album came out. There’s so much that went into writing these songs that I want to share the process of making it with everybody,” Maisie added.


Defining The Good Witch

The Good Witch was one of the many titles that Maisie had on rotation for quite some time. “It was hard (to name the album) because the album is so expansive; to summarize a year in your life in a few words is difficult,” Maisie shared. Ultimately, she went with The Good Witch because of the words she considers synonymous to it: power, femininity, danger, threatening, benevolent, and kindness.

Admitting how interesting it was to describe oneself in such ways, Maisie knew the power it would give the listeners. Since the album represents the past year in Maisie’s life, she revealed that the album’s track listing is loosely chronological. “The opening and closing song soft of go with each other,” Maisie said. As a matter of fact, she recommends listening to the first song (“The Good Witch”) first, then the last two (“There It Goes” and “History of Man”) last. 

When asked which songs she’s most excited for the fans to listen to, “I’m excited for them to hear 'BSC' and 'There It Goes,'” Maisie cited.  Maisie also talked about the album’s first single, “Body Better,” which is inspired by a punishing comparison she had towards her ex’s new partner. Laughingly saying how she’s not the most equipped to talk about when comparing oneself can be a good thing, Maisie added: “It can be a positive thing if you use it to fuel you in a healthy way. Comparison is a thief of joy, (but) if you use it correctly, it can manifest in a good way.” 

A little fun fact: When asked who her favorite witch is, Maisie excitedly answered the 1971 animated musical fantasy film Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which stars Angela Lansbury as Miss Eglantine Price. 


Reading books and learning lessons  

Focusing on specific inspirations for her album, Maisie mentioned several books that are weaved into the tapestry of The Good Witch. As a fan of modernizing and retelling Greek mythology, Maisie identified Madeline Miller’s Circe and Song for Achilles, Pat Barker’s The Silence of the Girls, and one of her all-time favorites–Donna Tartt’s The Secret History.

In fact, she revealed that her love for such stories is evident in her album’s closing song, “History of Man.” “The surrealism of that (Greek) world is in this album,” Maisie said.

Finally, closing with the specific story she wants to tell through The Good Witch, Maisie openly shared how she would never dictate or fixate on what the listener should learn or take away from the album. “I would like for the album to become an important album that sits with them for a long time,” she ended. 

Okay, another fun fact: When asked about her favorite lyric in the album, Maisie had this to say: “From the song ‘There It Goes”–‘The way I loved you, I will not be embarrassed of that’–that’s a nice lyric to summarize this album.” 

Check out the gallery below for more scenes from Maisie Peters' Manila showcase:

Photos courtesy of Warner Music Philippines