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Hello, Jose Sixto! Marian Rivera And Dingdong Dantes Are Officially Parents To A Baby Boy!

It's only been a day since Marian, Dingdong, and their daughter Zia met the newest addition to their family, but one thing's for sure—the bouncing baby boy has won their hearts over!



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Proud dad Dingdong announced the news on Instagram yesterday afternoon, revealing that Marian was in labor for 10 hours before she finally gave birth at 1:35 p.m.

He took the opportunity to tell us what name they chose to give their second child, too—Jose Sixto G. Dantes IV!


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"Yahoo! After around 10 hours of labor, Marian finally gave birth to our baby boy at 1:35pm today. Thank you very much for praying with us. Welcome to the world, Jose Sixto G. Dantes IV!" he wrote to accompany a black and white picture of Marian lying next to her baby. 

Marian herself has yet to post about her experience of becoming a mommy of two, but judging from how beautifully she's documented Zia's growing up years so far, we're sure that it'll be worth the wait. 



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Speaking of Zia, no one in the Dantes clan is as excited about this baby boy's arrival as her!

The toddler has been adorably expecting her little brother for months, anticipating the endless days of fun to come with her bite-sized playmate. 


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While he'll be too small to join in on games with Zia and the rest of his family right now, it won't take long until he'll start running, talking, and being a rambunctious member of this handsome family!

Despite Marian and Dingdong having a long way to go until then, we're sure they're savoring all the first moments they're sharing with Jose Sixto, and Zia, too. 



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Marian and Dingdong got married in 2014 and had Zia in November 2015. 


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