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WATCH: Robin And Mariel Padilla Welcome Their Second Child, Gabriela

After six hours of labor and tons of anticipation, the littlest member of this family finally says hello to the world

Robin and Mariel Padilla's second baby girl was born on the sunny afternoon of Monday, December 2 at Bayhealth Hospital in Delaware. It took six full hours of labor to help the little one on her way out and into her mom's arms. But with the help of a seasoned and encouraging medical team, Mariel had no trouble getting through the experience of one of life's biggest miracles.

After she had some time to rest, Mariel took to Instagram to make the big announcement and wrote, "Gabriela is here!!!! 👶🏻 tonight at 9pm i would like to introduce her to all of you!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for us, who was with us from the start... to everyone THANK YOU!!!! Thank you God for the biggest surprise ever!!!"


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The mommy of two was also ready with a 20-minute vlog that documented the days leading up to Gabriela's arrival and yes, the actual moment that she gave birth and held her daughter in her arms!

It's an especially touching moment for any mother to hold their newborn for the first time, but more so for Mariela; those who follow her many stories of motherhood and parenting on social media will know that she suffered from miscarriages not too long ago, which makes having two healthy children around her biggest treasures indeed. 

Gabriela's birth came just a little two weeks after her big sister Isabella's third birthday and her dad's 50th birthday, with all three occasions making it a very special Christmas for these parents. 


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Mariel's fellow moms and industry friends anticipating baby Gabriela's birth instantly shared their well wishes for the Padilla family. Denise Laurel, Iya Villania, Kelly Misa, Sarah Lahbati, Bianca King, and Alex Gonzaga among others were among those to congratulate Mariel for her safe delivery, and of course, this mom's fans were just as quick to cheer her on, too. 


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In her vlog, Mariel also talked openly about the many struggles leading up to her baby girl's birth.

She bravely told her viewers about the back pain her pregnancy was causing her due to a pinched nerve, the extreme swollenness that she couldn't get rid of, unavoidable weight gain, and ultimately, the time she was prescribed labor induction.

Up until the time she received an epidural to the very last pushes needed for Gabriela to be safely delivered, the camera was on Mariel, allowing everyone to witness her birthing process in the realest way possible. 

In the end, Mariel was one happy mommy, ecstatic to be holding her second child close to her with no health risks posing any danger to either of them.

We're sure that the pair will soon go on many adventures and experience a ton of new things together along with Isabella and Robin, and until then, we're letting these two bond in their own private space, letting the love between them grow without bounds.

Congratulations to Mariel and Robin!

Watch Mariel's full birthing vlog here:

Photo from @marieltpadilla