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Maris Racal And Rico Blanco, A New Celebrity Couple?

It could be a match made in music heaven!

"Hi Rico. Happy birthday." 

All it took was four short words and a birthday greeting for everyone to wonder—are Maris Racal and Rico Blanco dating?

It all started yesterday when Maris Racal, an actress and singer, posted the birthday greeting on her Instagram page. She captioned a two-part post, the first photo showing a black and white profile view of Rivermaya's Rico Blanco, the second half being a short clip of she and Rico singing together.

The pair covered Aqualung's "Brighter Than Sunshine," singing the words, "Let the rain fall, I don't care. I'm yours, and suddenly you're mine, suddenly, you're mine. And it's brighter than sunshine..."

And just a couple of hours after Maris Racal shared her birthday greeting, Rico Blanco responded to the post with his own bombshell of a reply. 

"Love youu!!!" he wrote. (The comment has generated close to 1,100 replies as of this writing).

So, are Maris Racal and Rico Blanco dating?

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Relationship Timeline: Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, and Julia Barretto

Neither Maris Racal nor Rico Blanco have explicitly stated that they are indeed seeing each other, but their fans and celebrity friends alike felt like there were undeniable sparks between the two. They've worked together in the past for a handful of projects (the 2019 song "Abot Langit" has them singing together yet again), but it's a surprise for most people to learn that they could have formed a romantic connection somewhere along the way.

Maris Racal is also one of the artists managed by Rico Blanco's label company, Balcony Entertainment. 

Also, just a month ago on Valentine's Day, Maris Racal gave her followers a good laugh when she set up a rose petal, heart balloon-filled room for herself, suggesting that she was single and definitely not dating anyone behind the scenes. 

This big reveal, however, potentially changes the game and could be their way of introducing themselves as a couple.

Speculation about Maris Racal and Rico Blanco dating has been positive for the most part with people expressing their support for the (maybe) couple. Rico Blanco turned 48 this year, while Maris Racal turns 24 on September.   

Photos from @mariesteller @ricoblanco100