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What Marjorie Barretto Said On Cam To Set Things Straight, Including Gretchen Barretto's Instagram Rebuttals

"I am for reconciliation, just not an orchestrated one," Marjorie emphasized

Noli de Castro's sigh at the end of Marjorie Barretto's 17-minute long, tell-all interview with Karen Davila says it all—shocking revelations, new allegations, and fresh angles on the ongoing scandal between the Barretto sisters have been revealed in an attempt to clarify the situation, but did they do just that or add to the public's confusion instead? 

We gathered some of Marjorie's answers to Karen's most pressing questions, many of which provide information about what had transpired at her father's wake, Atong Ang's involvement with her family, her own relationship with former Caloocan City mayor Recom Echiverri, as well as her responses to many of her sister Gretchen's accusations of her. 

To add, we also show Gretchen's responses to Marjorie's Instagram that were almost instantly published when her interview ended. 

See the collected quotes from Marjorie and Gretchen's social media rebuttals below:

To get up to date on the Barretto family feud, read this article that sums up the timeline of the controversy. 

Marjorie on Gretchen and Nicole's encounter took place at her father's wake:

"Atong Ang used to be the boyfriend of our niece, Nicole, the daughter of our brother Jay Jay [for] almost five years... Naghiwalay sila allegedy, alam namin na inagaw ni Gretchen kay Nicole si Atong Ang...

Nagkausap si Nicole at 'yung anak ni Atong Ang, and she said kung p'wede munang umalis si Nicole at 'yung mga kapatid niya dahil parating si Gretchen at si Atong...

Kasi parang the injustice; apo siya eh. She had more right in the wake, tapos s'yempre napapahiya siya sa aming lahat, dahil very present naman si Atong sa lahat ng family gatherings namin in those almost five years as the boyfriend of Nicole." 

On Gretchen's claims that she wasn't keen on reconciling:

"I am all for reconciliation. I am just not for the fanfare."

On her refusing to shake Gretchen's hand at the request of President Duterte: 

"Because I could see [Gretchen's] face. I could see the insincerity in Gretchen. I know her the most."

On Atong Ang's statement about his relationships with Nicole and Gretchen:

"Naging boyfriend po siya ni Nicole. 'Wag naman niyang babuyin 'yung bata. Nakuha na nga niya nang bata si Nicole noon... They had a five-year relationship when she was not even 19, 18. Nababoy na nga eh. Nasira na nga 'yung reputasyon ng bata, tapos, i-de-deny mo. Naging sekretarya mo na lang?  That I have personal knowledge of." 

On the alleged altercation that took place between Gretchen and Nicole:

"[The President] safely took me away to a couch, the farthest couch, habang si Gretchen ang nag-nervous breakdown. She ran after Nicole, pulled Nicole's hair, kicked Nicole. She beat up my niece. So I wasn't the one with the nervous breakdown. I was sitting quietly with the President on the left side of the chapel, exchanging pleasantries... We spoke, and we ended well habang si Gretchen nakikipagbugbugan doon. Siya ang gumawa ng gulo. Hindi ako."

On her relationship with former Caloocan City mayor Enrico "Recom" Echiverri and their child together, Erich.:

"Alam mo, hindi ako perfect. I'm very strong in many ways, pero sa pag-ibig, talagang mahina ako. I'm sorry. I'm not very proud of it. That was the reason why I was not announcing it to the public... Mali po talaga na I fell in love with a married man, pero ito na po 'yun eh."

On Gretchen's allegations of molestation carried out by Echiverri: 

"That's Gretchen's favorite word. She said our father molested her when she was young. Then now she's saying that even my children, who are perfectly okay in their lives, sasabihin niya na na-molestya. That's their favorite word. Hugot nila 'yun eh. I don't know what fantasy that is."

On the real cause of their father's death:

"It goes to show that Gretchen does not care about the family at all. My father died of acute respiratory failure. He did not have a heart attack. The day that I gave him a birthday lunch at his house, that was the day we rushed him to the hospital because of violent chills—chills, hindi po heart attack, Gretchen. Dapat alam din ni Claudine ito, but obviously hindi. Violent chills, 'yun pala may sepsis na pala 'yung father ko, severe pneumonia, high fever, and all of that. He did not die of an attack. Gretchen, stop diverting. She is my mother, she is the wife of my father, and we are in good terms. If I did not want my mother in the birthday celebration of my father, I wouldn't have done it in my house." 

On Gretchen saying that she has not been a good daughter: 

"I will put my foot down. I am a good daughter. I am present every Sunday, every family event, I throw their parties, I serve them, I visit my family. Okay? Speaking of not inviting your mother to your house, Gretchen, for  more than 25 years has never invited my parents to her house—any of her mansions and rest houses, not even to their garage. So don't paint me as the bad daughter, Gretchen."

On rumors about her selling her children to businessmen:

"I understand where this is coming from. Maybe they think [that] the mother is a mistress, and then maybe they think she's a mistress for money. But that's not true. I'm not a mistress for money. Kaya libreng-libre silang babuyin ang mga anak ko. If the mom is like this, then all the daughters are like this, but no. I'm making this announcement: my children are not for sale."

On Gretchen's actions to malign her, and those close to her:

"This evilness has to stop. Gusto kong ibalik 'yung tanong kay Gretchen: Kailan ka ba mapapagod? When will you start healing so you can stop hurting everybody? I pray for healing. I sincerely pray for healing... I am for reconciliation, just not an orchestrated one." 

On her reason for naming Atong Ang on live television

"Atong, huwag mo akong saktan. Everybody warned me that he could get back at me. I came out on TV and I'm saying, since I named you already, huwag mo akong saktan."

Watch the full interview below:

Gretchen was armed and ready with responses to her sister and took to Instagram to share them. 

She shared three posts, the first a direct answer to Marjorie's explanation about her father's birthday party and not visiting him in the hospital after he was confined. 

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I was not allowed to go to the hospital because of your outbursts & because there will be more tension for me to see EX MAYOR ECHIVERRI ( who claudine will file a molestation case against right after the 40 th day . The attack of your father , as you say happened ( as told to me by our mother is because you ARRANGED a lunch party for dad to spite mom for being on claudine side( you did not invite mom & that caused a huge dispute between our parents & the rest is history. Lets stick to each point so people will better understand THE TRUTH) fyi/ RELAX YOU ARE RADIATING WITH SO MUCH ANGER & ENVY & HIGHLY PARANOID. ( I DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO ORCHESTRATE A GRAND ENTRANCE WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭 PRRD WAS KIND ENOUGH TO OFFER TO SEE ME AT THE WAKE & Only then , i was hoping you COULD CONTROL YOUR ANGER & overwhelming FEAR OF THE TRUTH.

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The following posts appeared to be mocking Marjorie's appearance and answers in her interview and showed screenshots taken during the segment. Gretchen has continuously been posting video clips and photos on her feed and on Instagram Stories to share updates on the situation. 

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😳🧐😜 POSSESSED 😱🙏 👀

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Gretchen is currently in San Francisco spending time with her daughter, Dominique Cojuangco. 

Photos from @marjbarretto, "Marjorie breaks silence, says Gretchen had ‘nervous breakdown’ at wake | TV Patrol" on the ABS-CBN News YouTube Channel, and Metro.Style's cover story on Gretchen Barretto