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If Martha Stewart Isn't Already Your Hero, She Should Be—Here Are 7 Reasons Why!

As America's hostess with the mostest joins the strong Metro Channel lineup with her show Martha Bakes Season 7—where she goes on a dessert tour of the U.S and recreates her favorite regional specialties in the kitchen—we take a look at all the things that make her the absolute queen at what she does. 

Martha Stewart became the Martha Stewart for a myriad of reasons and we love her for each and everyone one of them. So if you have yet to get to know her better and join the MS bandwagon, read on, then hop on!



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She was America's first self-made female billionnaire

Way before the phrase female empowerment was in everyone's vocabulary, Martha was already paving the way for women to succeed by building her own empire from the ground up. She created—then dominated—an industry that focused on home, living, and food, and eventually grew to become a pillar in lifestyle-centered television programs, radio, publishing, real estate, home and kitchenware sales, brand partnerships, and digital marketing. 


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She knows the value of hard work

Martha was never spoonfed, even as a student. In college, she supported herself by working as a model, the fees from which paid for her tuition and gave her pocket money. The work ethic has remained with her all throughout adulthood, as she has a reputation of never slowing down and always thinking of ways to innovate and expand her business.


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She's got a solid business foundation

Many visionaries often trip at the peak of their careers because of trusting third parties to manage their businesses, but not Martha. Before she became a lifestyle and cooking maven, she first worked on Wall Street (specifically at brokerage firm Monness, Williams, and Sidel) in the early 70s, where she was exposed to the intricacies of business and trading. 

She took the knowledge with her and eventually built on the foundation, allowing her to exercise control over the crucial aspects of her business' operations and finances. 


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She's proactive in every sense of the word 

Complacency and stagnancy are two qualities we would never associate with Martha. 

Take how she earned her first million. After getting married in her twenties and shifting her focus from career to family, she continued to seek out ways for self-development and growth. It was during this time when she meticulously studied Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and experimented with her own twists in the kitchen, and sooner than later, her clientele had grown from family and friends to celebrities and the country's most high-profile individuals. 


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She's got interesting friendships 

While it's easy to assume that Martha's innermost circle is composed of people with interests and hobbies just like hers, you're definitely wrong. 

The mom and grandmom became an unlikely pop culture icon massively popular with younger generations because of her unusual friendship with African-American rapper Snoop Dogg. The seemingly mismatched pair even starred in their own lifestyle and cooking show together and appeared in a hilarious 2019 Super Bowl commercial because of their popularity. 


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She's resilient 

When Martha Stewart is the topic of conversation, it's only fair to mention that she's unfortunately been embroiled in more than one courtoom controversy throughout her decades-long career. 

Martha has found herself part of a handful of legal battles, but each and every time, she's proven herself strong enough to handle the stress and anxiety, even coming out more successful after settling each conflict. Although she has absorbed significant financial blows and dealt with the loss of properties and business rights after the resolution of some cases, her sphere of influence (and the size of her fandom) has never diminished. 


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Last but not theleast, she looks as if she's discovered the fountain of youth

In case you didn't know, Martha, with her minimal facial lines, thick head of hair, and bright eyes, is about two years away from turning 80 years old. 

That's right, the platinum blonde businesswoman is turning 78 this August but looks a full decade younger than she is, despite the fact that she's a self-professed workaholic and constant deep thinker. She has yet to reveal her secret to looking forever youthful, but we'll be on the lookout!


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