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Martine Cajucom Spills Her Real Thoughts About Content Creation, Social Media, And Her No Cell Phone Rule At Her Wedding

In the modern world today, how many people are guilty of reaching for their phones the moment they open their eyes in the morning? A lot, for sure. If that is as much your reality as it is ours, you can totally relate to the daily onslaught of digital information and social media content that we deal with. 

A lot of wary feelings and sentiments float around with regards to how much published content has become a part of our lives. However, we all have to admit, there’s a lot of good stuff being put out there. If you take the time to wade or sift through it all, many posts are still worth a browse.



At Aquafina’s #BestBeginsNow bottled water launch, we caught up with Sunnies’ sophisticated creative director, blooming bride-to-be, and content creator Martine Cajucom, who was present at the event to give advice on content creation.  


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What is the most challenging part of being a content creator?

“The most challenging thing these days is creating content that’s meaningful and resonates with people. In a time where the internet is oversaturated with images of your ‘best life ever’ that maybe aren’t so true to life, [another challenge] is conveying honesty through your social media presence, beyond your best life.”



When opportunities come knocking, what should you effectively harness?

“Being a successful content creator means leveraging your strengths. If you’re funny, be funny online—that’s authentic. Use those things. If you’re attractive, be attractive. If you’re a great host, convey that online. Part of being a successful content creator is self-awareness of your strengths. If it’s uncomfortable for you, it won’t feel authentic online—it’ll show.”


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yellow has always been my second favorite color ??

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What are your pet peeves about content creation?

“A big one, that a lot of people can relate to me with, is sometimes there are some really beautiful moments, and people are so consumed by capturing it online that they don’t get to experience them. A good example of that is when it comes to weddings; people should be present and active. I understand the content anxiety because I’m there as well, but there are moments that should be offline and experienced in real life. So, the real challenge is to actually be able to capture that beautiful moment in a photo, but at the same time be able to experience it.”


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You were present at Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s wedding last year. Were you touched by the moment where people were asked to put away their phones just for the ceremony?

“Oh, (laughs) I’m copying that [for my wedding]. We were just told ‘Please put your phones away for the ceremony’ so we could be mentally and physically present in the moment. It was such a beautiful touch and it’s definitely one I’m going to adopt for my wedding as well… in September.”


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everything today is beautiful and emotional ?? #thewanforanne

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What’s your advice for people who are curious about content creation but are having doubts about getting their feet wet?

“If they’re anxious about it, don’t do it. It’s a choice. If you don’t like social media by all means, stay away from it. It is not a necessity in life. I think if you believe in what you’re doing, then have the confidence to share it. If you love what you’re doing, then don’t be afraid to share it online.”


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