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In Photos: Cassy And Mavy Legaspi's Spectacular 18th Birthday Bash

Twinning has never looked this good! 



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Showbiz royalty twins Cassy and Mavy Legaspi are officially all grown up. The handsome pair celebrated their 18th birthday over the weekened, an extra special milestone that their parents, Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel, and other close family and friends—including Kathryn Bernardo, Sofia Andres, Ria Atayde, Andre Paras, Dani and Claudia Barretto, Rayver Cruz and his brother Rodjun—were happy to be a part of. 


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Uniquely, Mavy and Cassy chose to have a joint party. The brother and sister tandem had previously spoken up about wanting to celebrate together as they'd lived most of their lives as a team; Mavy wasn't interested in a separate all-boys get-together, while Cassy was much happier sharing the spotlight with her other half, rather than throwing a traditional girl-centric debut—adorable proof of the twins' and their family's closenes!





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Helping them pull off the grand, red-hued bash were in-demand event planners and stylists: Gideon Hermosa who transformed the One Canvas event space into a breathtaking venue, Niceprint Photo that captured the evening's best moments, Christine Te Ong events who helped coordinate the celebration, caterer Florabel Co-Yatco who whipped up a four-course dinner, Print Divas that got the party's invitations and print components spot on, and Cakes by Mannix that provided not one, but two matching cakes for Mavy and Cassy. 


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As for the party's theme, the night was an Oscars-inspired extravaganza—an idea they gathered from their parents' very own wedding. The glitziest details of the Hollywood awards ceremony were seen all over; beautiful lighting, a larger-than-life stage, stunning centerpieces, and of course, glamorous outfits were in abundance. 



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But of course, the evening's main attraction were the celebrants themselves. Both dressed in Francis Libiran creations—quirkily paired with sneakers!—and made up by celeb hairstylist John Valle and and makeup artist Denise Go-Ochoa, the twins enjoyed every second of the night they'd been looking forward to for months. 


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No one could have picked their favorite part of the evening as it was jampacked with memorable moments.

Mavy and Cassy made their grand entrance with Cassy's rendition of Dua Lipa's "Blow Your Mind," the typical "18 roses" segment of a debut was replaced with "18 awards" to go with their theme, their parents' speeches that emphasized familial love were as touching as expected, and two very heartwarming dances got all the guests swooning: Cassy and her dad danced together, while Mavy and and his lovely mom got their own time onstage, too. 



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Signaling their entry into adulthood, this 18th birthday didn't stop when the lights turned on, and rather, began when they turned off! The twins wanted to surprise their guests with a rather unique take on debuts; departing from the formal tone of such an affair, Mavy and Cassy were ready with a neon-lit after-party that reflected their laidback, casual take on life as young adults. 

With the sheer number of snaps on social media documenting the night's events, we're sure that showbiz's favorite pair of twins were a hundred percent happy about how everything turned out!

Happy birthday, Mavy and Cassy! 


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