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WATCH: Max Collins Talks To Tricia Centenera About About The True Meaning Of Self-Care

She's got three open secrets to navigating life in a complicated world: listen to yourself, know that the worst will pass, and find what it is that makes you happiest

Self-care, self-love, me-time, personal space, time to recharge—they're terms the modern woman is familiar with, but if she's being perfectly honest with herself, they're things that remain in theory, and often don't get turned into practice!

It's just the reality of things, as acknowledged by Tricia Centenera and the guests she has welcomed on her web series, Talk With TriciaWomen in this day and age have a hundred and one things to do on their plate, and rarely do self-love and self-care get a proportionate spot in their lives when things like careers, family, businesses, and other such responsibilities precede them. 

However, Tricia and her guests have a not-so-secret secret to dealing with this: self-care and self-love can move up the priority ladder—if you let them.

In the third Talk With Tricia episode, she features model and actress Max Collins who shares her thoughts about how exactly she practices these and more.

See what you can gather from their talk below, and share it with the women in your lives needing a dose of inspiration and encouragement.


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Max defines self-care as finding time for the things she likes to do—the keyword being time! 

So you know you'd like to work out more, perhaps learn a new instrument, improve your kitchen prowess via a culinary course, take a workshop on starting a work-from-home business, or finally figure out how to monetize your accessory-making hobby. You're aware that all these and more make up a fundamental part of living holistically, because there's life outside of work, parenting, and being a wife! Having me-time is a mantra you've memorized. 

The next step, then, is making time for everything that you wish to pursue. Once you've figured out a goal or set of goals to reach, making sure you dedicate a part of yourself (be in time or in effort) to actually making them happen is the next chapter in the story. 

Those dreams won't make themselves come true, after all. They'll need you to make the first move!


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Know that many things you see on social media aren't real. Do not let it cause you insecurity.

Women of all ages of all backgrounds are bombarded with images on Instagram, Facebook, and beyond that cause them to feel that they just aren't "enough," one way or another. Without discernment, falling into the trap of believing that they don't travel enough, don't meet enough "couple goals" with their partner, don't enjoy enough one-of-a-kind experiences, don't have bodies that are toned enough—the list goes on and on—becomes scarily easy. 

Max warns against developing insecurities over what you see online, and advises that the first line of defense to employ is reminding yourself that it's curated content. It may be aspirational, but it's certainly not representative of real life, which means, there's really no need to feel that where you are and who you are now is inadequate. 


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When evaluating yourself, the question to ask is what would make you happy, instead of what would make others happy.

One need not be an outright people-pleaser to want to change themselves to gain the approval of others. It's human nature to want to be liked, and so, we adjust parts of ourselves in order to gain validation.

But when is enough, enough? When do we step on the break and decide that there are non-negotiables about ourselves that, no matter what happens, we'll never change simply to fit into some else's ideal of who we should be? It's a point of reflection that Max has been posed with many times as a personality in the entertainment industry, yet also applies to women in different fields. 

She explains that with time and experience comes the wisdom to be able to answer these questions with confidence. Figuring out how to handle this dilemma isn't a race, but what's important is that women be aware of the process and slowly but surely find their own answers as they mature.


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The worst will come to pass.

This is especially true for women worried about if and when they'll ever move on from irksome issues like acne and troublesome skin conditions, fluctuating weight, and other physical concerns that affect their self-confidence. 

It doesn't matter what age a woman is when she encounters these issues either; even women well past their teens may still have sensitivities about certain parts about their appearances, so Max is here to assure them there is a solution to these things—and the solutions need not be expensive or drastic, either. 

The first thing to do, however, is not to dwell on problems. Avoid negative self talk. Take it day by day. Baby steps, after some time, can make the biggest difference. 


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Listen to Max talk about all these points and more in her complete interview below with Tricia!

Photos from "Talk With Tricia: Episode 3 - Max Collins" from the Metro.Style YouTube channel and @maxcollinsofficial