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EXCLUSIVE: These Are The Best Christmas Memories Of Maymay Entrata And Edward Barber


With their first-ever fantasy film Fantastica, an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018, showing on Christmas day, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber aren't spending the holiday season the way they used to. “I have a different family this year—not just my own family, but also the cast and the crew of Fantastica,” Edward says.

Christmas traditions for Maymay meant having the whole family gathered for noche buena, while waiting for the clock to strike 12 and welcoming Christmas day with smiles on their faces and feelings of gratitude in their hearts. For Edward, on the other hand, he and his family have always spent the holiday season in their house in La Union.

Christmas may be a tad different for them this year, but it's filled with so much happiness, love, and blessings just the same. These memories never fail to cheer them up whenever the season of giving comes, no matter where or how they choose to spend it.


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In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, MayWard talked about their holiday traditions and Christmas wishes for each other:


What are your families' Christmas traditions?

Maymay: "Buo lang ‘yung pamilya, lalo na kapag 12 a.m. na dapat nandu'n na sa bahay tapos magsasama-sama."

Edward: "I think out of my whole life, there’s only been two years when I haven’t spent Christmas in the Philippines. So it’s been 16 years that I have been spending it here. And we go to La Union and spend it with my family there. We always have these Christmas parties where my dad would dress up as Santa Claus. I’d have the Santa hat, my sister would have the reindeer horns, we drive the van to this open area right next to our family house there and people would be there. We’d give candies, play games like palayok, we have to find the calamansi in a pile of flour, who can drink the bottle of soda the quickest—all those games."


What are your favorite Christmas food? Do you like preparing anything specific for the table spread?

M: "Minsan lang kasi kaming magha-ham. Isa na ‘yun. Tapos, ‘yung spaghetti ng lola ko, ‘yung adobo at fried chicken ng lolo ko."

E: "Barbecue because it brings back memories. Then 'yung macaroni na may jelly and fruit, parang macaroni salad. It just reminds me of Christmas. My family won’t let me prepare anything e. ‘Yung mga tita and lola ko, they’d say, ‘No no no no, Edward, you sit there, we will feed you! You will get fat because of us!’ But if ever, ang gusto kong i-prepare is mango float kasi memories din 'yun. It’s all about memories for me, especially now that I’m not able to spend it the same way anymore."



What are the gifts you want to receive this Christmas season?

M: "Hindi kasi ako mahilig sa materyal. Pero una, sana may isa sa mga nasa bucketlist ko ang matupad bago mag-Bagong Taon. Pangalawa, na sana maging maganda ‘yung bonding ng pamilya ko dito sa Manila this Christmas. At pangatlo, na sana matuloy ‘yung bakasyon ko kasama ‘yung mama ko sa Japan. Sa ngayon, hindi ko pa alam kung ano'ng gagawin ko du'n pero basta kakain kami ng masarap du'n."

E: "Isang wish lang. ‘Yung magkakasama ang buong pamilya ko."


What's your most memorable holiday ever?

M: "Nu'ng kumpleto pa kami sa Davao City. Nagpapa-party kami para sa mga bata, nagpapa-fireworks nu'ng hindi pa bawal ‘yung fireworks. Nagpapalaro, nagka-karaoke, tapos salu-salo. Parang reunion din ‘yun kasi lahat ng relatives namin nandu'n din."




What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

E: "In general, the Christmas lights. When I was really young, my mom bought a lot of parol back to Germany. Christmas lights in Germany are expensive and they’re boring, they don’t move or anything. So we have all these moving parols, Christmas bells, we have Santa and the reindeer and we brought them out and everyone would slow down in front of our house just to see the lights and take a picture. The best part was in the middle of the night, you’d walk past and all the Christmas lights would be there. Now, we live in a condo and what we did was we bought a tiny Christmas tree."


What’s your wish for each other?

M: "'Di lang for Christmas, p'wede pang-habambuhay din? Na ‘yung pagiging thoughtful, caring, at mapagmahal niya sa pamilya, sana habambuhay na hindi mawawala ‘yun."

E: "Na isa siya sa makakasama ko this Christmas."




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What are on your binge-watch list of shows or movies, or must-read book recommendations for the holiday break?

M: "Mahilig kasi ako sa K-drama. So ang pinapanood ko ngayon is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim at Stranger Things. Sa books, devotional books ang mga binabasa ko. Jesus always, or kahit ano basta ang writer e si Sarah Young."

E: "All the Home Alone movies. Stranger Things and Designated Survivor as well. For books, the Magnus Chase by the author of Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan."


If Santa could grant you one wish, what do you want it to be?

M: "Na kahit ano'ng mangyari, marunong pa rin akong ma-satisfy sa kung ano'ng meron ako, 'wag na 'wag akong susuko para magbigay inspirasyon sa mga taong katulad ko, at mai-share ang blessings ko."

E: "I’d probably say, 'Take my gift and give it to someone who needs it more because I’m blessed na this year.'"


Photography by Xander Angeles

Creative director: Chookie Cruz

Liaison editor: Grace Libero-Cruz

Makeup by Sonson de Asis (Maymay) and Aimee Gray (Edward)

Hairstyling by Jay Wee 

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Shoot assistant: Cara Tirona