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Metro Body 2024: Alexa Ilacad on Discipline and Consistency

Her secret ingredient to success is committing to better choices

Metro Body 2024: Alexa Ilacad
On Alexa: Outfit by Maison Soriano

Alexa Ilacad continues to wow her followers with her wisdom, and as a career-driven woman, she is determined to make the most of her life—her lifestyle included. Besides being intelligent and learned, Alexa also lets herself evolve through the experiences she takes on.

Alexa is ecstatic to be part of Metro Body 2024, a body positivity campaign that celebrates each shape and size. Last year, she, too, was launched as one of the artists who represented the advocacy through the campaign, and as a reminder that she is doing great, she was tapped to be part of the feature again. 

An ally of self-acceptance, Alexa said, “I think it’s not just for this shoot, but I’m trying to make it my lifestyle—to move a lot. So I work out almost every day and my goal talaga for this year—for 2024—was to be more mindful of what I put into my body.”

“So even with the food that I eat, I’ve been trying to make better choices,” she shared in an exclusive sit-down talk with Metro.Style. “It’s more of a lifestyle change and it helps me when I have shoots like this... no crash dieting or anything. I just did what I’ve been trying to do.”

As to how her shift in perspective surfaced, Alexa revealed that it was through KD Estrada that she realized why mindful eating is important. “Actually, it was also KD who influenced me with this, kasi he’s been very conscious with his meals, with the food—even the supplements that he would take. So medyo nahahawa ako du’n, and I think it’s paying off.”

“Even with my snacking, I make sure the ingredients are good for the body, aren’t harmful in the long run,” the Kapamilya actress-singer added. “But of course, every now and then, I also let myself indulge din naman. You know, tao lang tayo. We want to enjoy life as well. So I’ve been trying to have complete meals with complete protein, with fiber, with carbs, with everything.”

With registered nutritionist-dietitian Jo Sebastian as her new rockstar idol in terms of food, Alexa thinks intentionally. She believes that body changes are inevitable, and continues to love hers despite its limitations.

“Honestly, she’s helped me a lot with how I view food, with my relationship with food. Her content has helped me a lot and she’s made me realize na it’s not bad naman to indulge. And there are times when nasa lugar ka na wala kang salad na makakain, na you have no other options. So it’s up to you on how to customize your meal [at] that moment.”

In case you’re curious, whatever Alexa craves, she takes, too. “Kung ano ’yung kine-crave ko nu’ng araw na ’yun, I must have it. I also don’t believe that we should be restricting ourselves too much,” she told us.

“’Cause with what I’ve noticed, the more I restrict myself—the more I don’t eat—the more I binge afterwards… Each of us, iba-iba talaga ’yung bodies natin. So what works for you might not work for me. And not eating does not work for me. I can’t function really well and I end up making more mistakes.”

Metro Body 2024: Alexa Ilacad

With better choices, Alexa is bound to be no less than her best. She is navigating her life with caution, and with it comes top results, too. She shared, “When I started working out consistently, I started seeing changes—little by little. And those small changes meant the world to me. And talagang gaganahan ka after, eNgayon, I cannot not work out. Not working out makes me sad na.”

A Calisthenics enthusiast, Alexa considers the gym she goes to—SPARTA—her second home, saying, “I really only became serious and consistent towards the end of last year. Du’n ko siya minahal and in-embrace nang buong-buo. Because I used to loathe working out. I would dread it. Make me do anything but work out. I don’t know why I really hated it.”

“I really felt like ‘why, bakit ko kailangang gumalaw?’ ‘Why wasn’t I just more skinny?’ Parang may ganu’n akong mindset,” she spilled. “And now, I’ve also been shifting my mindset. So aside from making better choices, I’ve also been thinking better thoughts… I was not this person a couple of years ago. So ang galing lang. People really do change.”

Meanwhile, while Alexa has tried to acclimatize herself to a truckload of sports in the past, she swears by what Calisthenics has brought to the table. She said, “I have tried soccer; I was a runner at one point in my life; I did pole dancing; I did so many activities just to find out what workout ba talaga ’yung magugustuhan ko.”

She walked us through why she has grown to love what she is good at now—Calisthenics. “I like that it’s not the same thing every time. I think ’yun ’yung problema sa’kin. Madali akong magsawa when it comes to workout. So kapag nagiging repetitive na po siya, parang ‘ugh, ito na naman.’”

Alexa thoughtfully added, “It’s also a choice that you have to make every day. It’s a commitment. ’Cause people say na ‘minsan, wala kang motivation.’ ‘You need motivation.’ No, you don’t need motivation; you need discipline.”

When asked how she has come to accept the Alexa she is at present, she thought and paused. Finally, she replied, “I’ve come a long way… I’ve learned how to show it more appreciation and more love than before.”

Alexa admits to not always being in sync with her body and self-image as well. She insists on having to adapt to her physical appearance, and hammers into her habits that her thoughts play a bigger part in her fitness journey. 

She feeds her mind and soul with mindful practices, and surrounds herself with people who have confidence in what she is capable of. “Progress is never linear naman talaga. [But] because I have a very good support system with me, I’m able to see my body in a better light,” Alexa concluded.

Alexa Ilacad is #fitnessgoals in the photo gallery below:

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