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Metro Body 2024: Anji Salvacion's Pursuit of Health and Wellness

From her rigorous workout routines to her mindful dietary choices, Anji talks about prioritizing her well-being as the summer season unfolds

Metro Body 2024: Anji Salvacion

Anji Salvacion, a fast-rising star in the entertainment industry, graced us with her presence for this year’s Metro Body campaign. She invited us into her world, sharing raw insights into maintaining balance and nurturing self-love amidst the glitz and glam.

For Anji, preparation for a shoot like this isn’t just about focusing on the physical appearance; it’s about mental fortitude. “I do really prepare by, you know, eating healthy. But I always prepare myself mentally for a shoot,” she explained. “You have to be present-minded. You have to be in the moment because, you know, they would shoot the moment you want to portray.” She emphasized that capturing the essence of your individuality is important in how you present yourself, a mindset that would definitely help one feel confident.

As a dedicated performer, Anji’s workout routine isn’t about sculpting the perfect body; it’s about having the endurance for her craft. “Mas focus ng workout ko is that I would be able to perform nang matagal. So, ’yung parang tina-target ko is that when I perform, para akong kabayo na kahit tapos na ako ng first three hours, kaya ko pang dumagdag mag-perform ng another three hours,” she said with a grin. 

Specifically, she finds solace in the simplicity of cardio and core exercises. “I love cardio so much. I love running. I love jogging. I love walking around. And since nag-pe-perform din ako, I asked my trainer to give me a special workout for my breathing, for my core. Because I’ll be needing that as I sing and dance,” she stated.

And when it comes to fueling her body, Anji keeps it real. “What I usually eat to stay fit is that when I crave for something, I choose the healthiest option that I could choose,” she quipped. But her approach to nutrition goes beyond just staying slim. “Usually, kinakain ko kasi are healthy lean meats like chicken breast, fish, and gulay. Lots and lots of gulay. Tapos fruits,” she elaborated. She chooses food that nourishes the body and gives her the energy she needs to tackle whatever comes her way. And what makes it reliable is that she gets these recommendations from an expert. “I really do have someone to guide me para alam ko rin kung ano’ng gagawin ko and I wouldn’t abuse my body. We don’t want that,” she shared.

Reflecting on past challenges, Anji opened up about a time when she didn’t feel at home in her own body. “Last year, my body was not in good shape because I had an injury... I wasn’t happy because I always got sick,” she said. Since then, Anji has held a goal to keep healthy that she won’t ever be as sickly as she was before. “It’s empowering for me na parang na-overcome ko ’yung sickness ko. The shape doesn’t matter. As long as you’re healthy inside, that’s better. And that’s the best for me.”

Metro Body 2024: Anji Salvacion

As Metro Body embraces the summer, Anji realized how she finds solace and joy in the familiar shores of Siargao, her beloved hometown, during this season. “I love to surf… I love to just walk around sa beach. Just, you know, sunbathing and all,” she recounted. 

In essence, indulging in the simple pleasures of being an island girl is what she loves most. Despite her deep connection to Siargao, though, Anji dreams of exploring distant shores as she puts Santorini, Greece on her bucket list. 

Ultimately, joining the Metro Body campaign isn’t just about striking a pose for Anji; it’s about promoting wellness. “It’s really a good thing to advocate din na, you know, we are what we do to our body. We are what we eat. And we are what we do in general. And it’s a good advocacy, [body positivity], as long as you feel healthy," she asserted. 

Anji Salvacion serves as a source of inspiration, demonstrating that prioritizing physical and mental health is integral to achieving personal and professional fulfillment. As we navigate our own wellness journeys, we can follow her example and strive to be our best selves, inside and out.

Anji Salvacion is #fitnessgoals in the gallery below:

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