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Metro Body 2024: Barbie Imperial on Being at Peace With One's Body

Barbie takes the art of self-care seriously, but at the same time allows herself to embrace imperfections

Metro Body 2024: Barbie Imperial
On Barbie: Outfit by Vic Fajatin

Nowadays, it’s become common to feel insecure about our individual features, especially that we’re in an era where everything is being exposed on social media. Surface-level beauty is lauded in the digital space, too, and society often dictates what we should be or should not be.

Barbie Imperial, for one, is no stranger to self-doubt. Despite her being in show business where aesthetic improvements are accessible, she still finds flaws in herself. 

“I think it’s normal na minsan, hindi mo magugustuhan ’yung appearance ng body mo. But it’s also very important to remind yourself that it’s okay, because bodies are meant to change and it’s normal,” she shared with Metro.Style.

Barbie added, “Of course, I think in every person naman, may mga times na hindi ka talaga happy with your body. But for me, I make sure na I do something about it. I improve para maging masaya ako sa appearance ko.”

The Kapamilya actress, who now acknowledges every part of her, expressed how important it is to own one’s identity. To Barbie, while being body-positive helps us perceive ourselves better, being open to change is just as crucial. 

“First, it’s very important that you accept that everybody changes, and it’s completely normal. And it’s actually up to you if gusto mo siyang gawan ng paraan para maayos kung ano ’yung insecurity mo, but ’yun nga, for me, nagbabago ’yung katawan. Normal ’yun.”

Not neglecting the fact that she is in a field where the body is of utmost importance, Barbie values beauty treatments. She takes the art of self-care seriously and aspires to be better every waking day, working out and exercising.

“Usually, if mayru’n akong time, I go to Aivee. I do facials to moisturize my skin, especially my face because it’s always dry and sometimes, I workout. Usually, I do lifting, but most of the time, I play tennis. ’Yun talaga ’yung sport ko,” she said of her beauty and fitness routine. 

To give herself a pat on the back, though, Barbie occasionally takes a break from the pressures of her goals. She doesn’t rob herself of the delicious food on the table, and is flexible when it comes to eating. 

“I also love eating so para sa’kin, I only workout kapag kailangan ng katawan ko—if I have work. But if wala, kumakain talaga ko nang madami,” she claimed, telling us that while she decided to stick to a diet, she still knows how to sway from time to time. 

Barbie continued, “Nowadays, actually, I cut na ’yung sugar because it’s not so good for my hormones, which causes my face to break out when I have a lot of sugar. So now, medyo I’m on a strict no-sugar diet.”

As to how she overcomes unsolicited opinions and criticisms, Barbie is confident about one thing—that acceptance of oneself paves the way for peace—peace with others and peace with oneself. 

Metro Body 2024: Barbie Imperial

“Being part of this [Metro Body 2024] campaign is actually very important to me because I think this is an opportunity to promote self-love, self-care, acceptance, and of course, confidence. Siguro kasi, for me, siyempre, I’m an artista. And everybody expects us to be perfect,” she opened up.

Aware of her own lack and limitations, Barbie aims to function and move forward based on body neutrality—a new perspective that promotes both the good and the bad, and accepting them anyway.

Gusto kong i-empower ’yung mga tao, especially ’yung mga kababaihan,” she asserted. “Like me, I have stretch marks, and I get bashed every time na ’yung mga sinusuot ko, nakikita ’yung stretch marks ko. And for me, it’s normal. It’s okay. Like what I’ve said, lahat naman ng katawan, nagbabago, e. And we have to accept it.”

An allowance for imperfections, according to Barbie, is integral to truly loving herself, too—all facets and all forms; all shapes and all sizes. “Just don’t let society’s idea of beauty make you doubt yourself,” she concluded.

Barbie Imperial is #fitnessgoals in the gallery below:

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